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  1. I'm a new FFL and I want to make sure my business is successful. I'd love to learn from other FFL's experience and what you've done to resolve the following:

    What are the time wasters in your business?
    What are the frustrations?
    What are the mistakes you've made?
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    Welcome to FTF. I don't have any experience in having a FFL. There are plenty on here who do, however. Pop over to the introductions section and give us some idea of who you are and what you like. Great bunch of men and women on this forum.

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    To answer your questions in order.

    1.) People who just want to BS about guns with no intent to buy any.

    2.) You have to spend a lot of money to make very little.

    3.) Thinking you could make a living selling guns. You can but its not easy.
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    Welcome to the gun business.
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    One suggestion- both Auctionarms and Gunbroker have a "Find a FFL" section. These are 01 and 02 FFLs that have registered as being willing to receive firearms and do the transfer to the recipient- usually an auction winner.

    Some dealers charge $100 per transfer, which, IMHO, is outrageous. $20 is reasonable- or free to a good customer- or free with purchase of ammo, etc.

    Time waster? The guy that wants your time to educate him on a model 21 vs model 23 etc etc etc, then buys it at bigstore with live fish and airplanes in ceiling because it was $10 less, but wants YOU to tell him why it is not working right.

    Waster #2- the guy that wants to sell you his 11mm Grunchenticker for $XXX.00. Because the "book" says it is worth $XXX.00. Yes, if it were THAT model (it's not) in New In Box shape (it's not) that would be the RETAIL price of one.