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    Hey ffl guys. this is my first post in this section, so here hopin for a good return! I am from Texas and have I have made up my mind that I am certain I am going to get my ffl.... I think. I have done a lot of reading lately and I believe I have to do this as a home based buis. I initially just wanted it as a collector(addict) but I don't think that is an option. I have found some packets online that will "walk" you through the steps of obtaining a ffl. Are these worth the money, and if not can anyone point me in the right direction so that I can begin this uphill climb. Thank you

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    So you intend on opening a business to engage in the sale of firearms? You can't get an FFL to support your "hobby" - you must operate a viable business. The kits contain nothing that the BATFE doesn't give out free...

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    As the Irishman said. For a hobby, get an 03 C&R FFL. If you intend to "engage in the business", then get an 01 Dealer's FFL. You will NOT be issued an 01 if you are not "in the business".

    Save your money. BATFE has the packet. Couple of points- First, you must be in compliance with all state and local laws before you get a FFL. So- planning to do business from the house? Do your zoning laws permit that? Can you prove that? Got a business license? Do you need a sales tax ID number for your state? Do you have a place to provide secure storage of firearms? What will your business hours be?

    Second- incorporate. Ahead of time. Sell me a surplus SKS, I don't clean the gunk out of the bolt, load it, get a slamfire full auto event, and shoot my buddy. When he sues you, is he going after assets of the corporation, or going after your house, your car, your kid's college fund?

    Finally, unless you live 50 miles outside Moose Butt, Alaska, there are probably some home based FFLs close to you. Go to gunbroker and auction arms, use the "find a ffl" function on their home page. Look them up, call, and ask if they could meet you at the diner for a cup of coffee and a brain picking.
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    DO NOT pay money for a so called “FFL kit” Most are out of date and incomplete. They sell you what you can DL or order from the ATF for free.

    Everything you need to get your FFL is right on ATFE’s web pages.

    Start here: ATF Online - Firearms - How To - Become An FFL
    You can download the FFL application in PDF format, you can type it, save and print it;

    Read through the application form to see if you legally qualify for a FFL, basically if you can legally purchase a gun, you qualify. Also you must have a place of business with set hours of operation. You must plan to make a profit.

    You also need certificate of compliance form, you can’t save it, so when typed, print it out;


    Here are the instructions for the FFL application;

    ATF Online - Forms - ATF F 5310.12 Instructions

    You also need to 2 fingerprint cards; you can order them from ATF here:
    Distribution Center Order Form

    When you drop off copy 3 of your FFL application to the CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer), they may be able to do your prints. The CLEO is usually the county Sheriff or the city Police Chief.

    While there ask what state laws/licenses apply to your new gun business.
    In New York State for instance you need a state dealer’s license to sell handguns. You also need a EIN, sales tax number and a few other things varying on your town or city. Check with your local town or city to be sure your building can be used for business.

    You will also need two 2x2 color pictures. I took my own with my web cam, resized and printed on Kodak paper.

    Mail your completed application, certificate of compliance form, print cards, pictures and fee to:

    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
    PO Box 409567
    Atlanta, Georgia 30384-9567 USA

    Expect a visit from an Industry Operations Investigator (IOI), who will inspect your place of business and go over regulations and paperwork with you. He or she will want proof that you can use your proposed place of business for business. Zoning/business license etc.

    Another useful ATF dealer site, includes FFL newsletters etc;
    ATF Online - Firearms - Industry

    Lots of good downloadable references from ATF here:
    ATF Online - Publications - Firearms

    After you receive your FF you will need a Firearms Acquisition and Disposition record book. I bought mine here:

    Gun Log Books / Firearms Acquisition and Disposition
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    Maybe I didnt give enough information with my opening post here. I initially wanted the ffl for collecting purposes, but after a lot of thought and careful consideration I came to the conclusion that I do want to engage in business. I currently have a home business lic. and a tax id that I have had for several years. I have talked with code enforcement officer here and everything is okay in that area. I have also spoke with the chief of police and he is on board as well. Doesnt hurt that my father in law is a former lieutenant from the PD, and currently lead detective with the DA's office.. good side to be on. Im not sure however if my current business lic. will work for the ffl or if I will have to do it seperate. As it stands now my lic. is for carpentry work I used to do out of the house, and for clothes and households(wife). I dont know if I can have the ffl under the same lic. or if I will have to have one for that soul purpose. I want to thank yall for the help thus far. That was a lot more info than I had anticipated. I know yall probably answer these questions daily, but I am a firm believer in utilizing all resources and I will take all of the knowledge yall are willing to pass on. Thank you again.

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    One of the questions on the FFL application is:
    18. Do You Intend To Make a Profit from Your Business?
    No (If no, do not submit application)
    19. Do You Intend to Use Your License Only to Acquire Personal Firearms?
    Yes (If yes, do not submit application.)
    You see? The ATF won't approve a FFL for the purposes that you are indicating.
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    just a thought, but several wholesale companys will NOT deal with you unless you have a legitimate storefront (home buisness does not suffice)