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Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by Primul, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Primul

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    Any Moderators on? Chance to get a S&W M&P page like the Glock, 1911, an the wannabe Glock XD pages? Im also alittle curious after reading posts for awhile, are there many actual smiths or armorers on this forum, or mostly just gun enthusiasts?

  2. JonM

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    well considering that the xd(m) is nothing like a glock except its got a polymer frame your a little off base.

    gun forums tend to attract gunsmiths armorers and ex armourers along with gun dealers its hardly surprising there would be more than a few

    a few folks have asked for a S&W sigma section in the past but there arent too many folks with them from what ive seen
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  3. c3shooter

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    We have a lot of gun ethusiasts. Some of them are dealers, some collectors, some smiths, some armorers, some neophytes, some hunters, some LEOs, some long range rifle shooters, some into skeet or trap, some active duty military, some not old enough to vote yet, some serious pistol competitors, some MILSURP shooters, some that like Glocks/ S&W/ Colt/ Taurus/ SIG/ Winchester/ Browning/ Ruger, etc.

    Don't know that we have ever counted the herd, everyone contributes what they can, and the folks that do this for a living are especially regarded for their insights.

    Additional categories would be up to the Admin- folks that the site belongs to. Those of us that are Mods just try to keep the wheels from falling off the thing. :p
  4. Primul

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    Appreciate the followup... yea I just like to tease XD owners, and when u look at trigger safety then the molded thumb groove, etc u can see a resemblance, but mostly it was just teasing the XD guys.
  5. gollygee

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    XD owners don't deserve teasing. Now those g***k owners, that's another matter! ;)