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I own several GP 100's.

The lighter 125 gr bullest are genrally faster (1300-1400 fps) and the heavier bullets slower ( approx 1000 fps since the same amount of powder is generally used for each in factory loads.
The avg energy is often quite similiar betwen the light and heavy 357 Mag bullets ( tho hotter loads are available and aGP 100 can handle 357 Mag loads that are loaded so hot they put out as much energy as a 41 mag or a low end 44 mag)

Many shooters find the 158 gr round more comfortable to shoot than 125 gr round of equal energy.
My theory is that since the lighter round is faster the recoil bump will be more focused and "sharper" despite during a short time fraction than a 158 gr. This way the felt "peak" is higher, even though the toal energy might be the same.

Same say the 158 gr is better for hunting bigger animals ( deer) and 125 gr with its high speed and shock better for people.

Its a wide spread view.

IMO just try a box of each and decide which you enjoy most.
Any 357 Mag round will definetly ruin a bad guys day and be able to shoot thru drywall and car doors just fine if needed.

PS: It <is> possible to buy 158 gr factory loads that are loaded hot enough to be as fast as 125 gr loads but these are not comfortable round to train with for many.
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