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I shoot an awful lot of home-cast wadcutters at velocities that my K38 likes.Shooting into shop-made bullet traps,so lead can be reclaimed.

Ammo recipes depend on the criteria that you have.For me,its cheapest possible Dbl action practice.......accuracy is real important.But recoil is right there too.Also,how well the bullets fit/obturate and its effect on cleaning(fancy way of sayin,minimising cleaning).....and on and on.

So,you need to really buckle down and decide what areas you want to focus on.And its not an easy decision sometimes.....because of all the good choices,in your case,38/357.

Try breaking down bullet weights into categories.Lite..medium...heavy's.Obviously heavy's(over 160)are gonna have more recoil than lites'.So what are heavy's used for......why can't you shoot silhouette's(steel) with 125's?Break it down in a logical way that you understand.

You can also categorise bullet material,lead vs jacketed vs composite.Then sub that with bullet style....wadcutter,semi-wc,HP's etc.Powders are a little different,so pick one or two and stick with them.
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