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Hello all, so I am getting ready to make a big investment in a pistol for protection/pleasure shooting and I have narrowed my search to the 1911.

However I am torn between 4, yes 4 different brands. Mainly from the looks alone of their products. I know that selecting a gun just on looks is probably not wise, but I want something powerful, yet good looking, easy to shoot and take care, and good quality for the money.

I've been told to check out Kimber, Sig Sauer, and Colt. But my little pea-picking heart is set on this gorgeous Springfield Mil-Spec Super .38 - Mother of Pearl grips? ( I know I said .45, but the Super is bad...) Shells will be expensive and probably hard to find... So I am at a cross roads.

I'm asking for help with deciding on what brand I should really go with. They all seem to be relatively similar in quality and general design, but I just can't seem to decide based on brand, having only shot a Glock in the past. (Which I find to be junk)

Some assistance or any personal suggestions would be great!!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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