Female Shooter - can't decide on brand!? Help!

Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by MauveHarlet, Dec 24, 2008.

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    Hello all, so I am getting ready to make a big investment in a pistol for protection/pleasure shooting and I have narrowed my search to the 1911.

    However I am torn between 4, yes 4 different brands. Mainly from the looks alone of their products. I know that selecting a gun just on looks is probably not wise, but I want something powerful, yet good looking, easy to shoot and take care, and good quality for the money.

    I've been told to check out Kimber, Sig Sauer, and Colt. But my little pea-picking heart is set on this gorgeous Springfield Mil-Spec Super .38 - Mother of Pearl grips? ( I know I said .45, but the Super is bad...) Shells will be expensive and probably hard to find... So I am at a cross roads.

    I'm asking for help with deciding on what brand I should really go with. They all seem to be relatively similar in quality and general design, but I just can't seem to decide based on brand, having only shot a Glock in the past. (Which I find to be junk)

    Some assistance or any personal suggestions would be great!!
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    First welcome to the forum. Great to have some female shooters to add a little class to the bunch!
    OK which ones have you actually shot at the range? If the answer is none, then your decision is premature. While the ones you listed are good choices, recommend that you shoot each and every one before choosing. And while the Glocks are "ugly", they are a great firearm. One of if not THE most reliable handguns out there.
    Just get some personal experience with them before you buy one. It will result in a purchase that you will be happier and more effective with in the end.
    Good luck


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    Well, I would say to stick with Springfield. The Kimber pistols are very nice but a little more expensive (I firmly believe you are paying a little too extra for the Kimber brand name these days).

    The MIL-SPEC style 1911 pistols that Sprinfield Armory are very serviceable, and are good quality. If you are worried about the cost of the ammunition, you should stick with the .45 ACP cartridge.

    Keep in mind that you can order whatever style pistol you want through your dealer. Getting a nice MIL-SPEC .45 ACP with ivory grips should be easy for your dealer is you don't mind waiting the time it takes to ship to your location (shouldn't be too long).

    If the cost fo the .38 super doesn't phase you too bad, then you can order the ammo thorugh your dealer also.
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    A woman after my own heart - she wants a 1911 and she dislikes the Glocks, how perfect. :D

    Personally I would put Kimber at the top of that list, with Springfield second, followed by Sig and then Colt.

    Colt has become in love with their name and their quality is not what it once was.

    Sig in"new" the 1911 market, having only been producing a true 1911 for a couple of years now. Their piece is nice, but I don't think it offers as much bang for the buck.

    Springfield has had an up and down record on reliability over the past few years, but they have righted their ship and have been recently putting out a good quality 1911. However, they know that and are charging accordingly.

    The Mil-Spec comes with the more traditional spur hammer, which if you are going to carry for protection, I would recommend against because it's just one more point that can get snagged on clothing. Plus it's a full 5 inch barrel, and made of steel ( slide & frame ) so it's going to be heavy.

    Kimber - Perhaps the Pro Carry II would be a better choice if carry is your intent. It has all the bells and whistles, but it has an aluminum frame to keep the overall weight down, while the slide is steel to help reduce the top end muzzle flip.

    Now, none of this means anything if you haven't shot any of the models that you are interested in. Mother of Pearl grips? They are four screws from putting them on ANY 1911 that you choose, so don't let that sway you. There are TONS of aftermarket grips that you can get. My girl has a Nighthawk 1911 in 9mm with Pink grips. :eek:

    Welcome to the forum - Now get to the range and shoot a few models & see what you like!

  5. 741512th

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    I just can't recommend the Springfield, but my experiences may be rare or even unique. The name quality of the Sig goes a long way.
  6. CA357

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    Welcome here. This is a great place to gain some knowledge and to have some fun too.

    Colt has relied on the mystique of its name rather than the quality of its firearms for many years now. Although they're getting better.
    Kimber is excellent, but I think they've become a bit overpriced.
    I don't care for an exterior extractor on a 1911, so that's my knock on the Sig.
    Springfield will give you the most bang for the buck, but I'd recommend that you look at a "Loaded" model.

    Lastly, take a look at a Dan Wesson Classic Commander bobtail. You may really like it. I think it's one of the ultimate carry 1911's.

    Just my opinion. ;)
  7. Bighead

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    .38 Super is a neat round, but a bit of a hobbyist/competitors round. I would stick with .45 ACP for your pistol. The standard Custom II from Kimber is probably the best bang for the buck, since it has many of the "standard" upgrades and can be found for about $750. This is the same gun that LAPD SWAT chose, other than their addition of strap checkering (thus creating the TLE II).

    Buy the gun, and worry about the grips later. While I personally agree with General George S. Patton when it come to pearl grips, if you like them you will be able to find them from many a quality manufacturer. I have linked Eagle Grips below.

  8. stalkingbear

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    There are a few you forgot such as my personal favorite (because of my huge hands for 1),the Para Ordnance pistols. They make them in single stack, double stack, traditional single action, and LDA which is the lightest/smoothest DAO pull I've ever seen in an autopistol. Check them out as well.

    I recently bought a Taurus pt1911 to test, and while it's proven 100% reliable in roughly 3,000 rounds so far, cannot reccomend it due to non-standard size/spec parts, and POOR customer service attitude.
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    Huhh Huhh She said Colt.
    I say welcome and

    I'll bet the Colt Defender model O7000D would be perfect for you.


    And it's categorically not a Glock!