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Well, as some of you know I purchased an FEG PA63 pistol chambered for 9x18mm Makarov (basically a Walther PPK clone with a slightly longer barrel).

Here are my first impressions:

1. The sidearm is very lightweight. The aluminum construction does well to take off any extra weight which is a plus for concealed carry applications.

2. The two-tone finish of the sidearm is a very nice little change to have in a mil-surp pistol.

3. Both serial numbers (the slide and frame) matched which I found was nice. I imagine that when you are dealing with mil-surp items, it may be possible to have uppers and lowers swapped around.

4. All functions of the pistol are very crisp and tight.

5. Everything seems to have pretty good "service quality" tolerances.

6. The sights are basic but serviceable. The only problem would be trying to acquire a decent sight picture in night time / low light situations.

7. I like the fact that the pistol has a decocker, and a western style magazine release.

8. The magazine only holds 7 rounds which is not as good as something comparable like the CZ-82 pistol with the 12 round capacity.

9. The overall ergonomics are good and the sidearm points rather naturally.

10. The feed ramp design allows for a rather straightforward loading operation (i.e. no long ramp for the round to have to traverse to properly get into battery). I don't foresee any problems with using hollowpoint ammunition.

11. The fact that it's chambered for 9x18mm is a plus to me. This round will give slightly better ballistic performance when compared to the standard .380 ACP round that is mostly used in sub compact sidearms.

My overall first impression is that this is a very good quality little sidearm. Everything on this little pistol is pretty much a carbon copy of the Walther PPK pistols (which are one of the best conceal carry weapons out there). The price is a definite plus (150.00 dollars).

I will get up a range report as soon as I get some time to get out there. I expect this little pistol to perform rather good, but we'll see.


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PA 63's

I have two FEG PA63's and have put several thousand rounds through each. For the money they are great little guns, to get the performance I want I added a set of Wolf extra heavy springs and hand load up to almost 1200 fps with 90 gr Gold dots and about 1150 with 95gr Hornady Xtp's. I keep the guns hidden in two rooms in my house where I can get my hands on the quickly. Easy to carry also, very light.
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