Feel free to murder zone, I meant Gun Free Zone.

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Jagermeister, Aug 20, 2013.

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    No doubt, I'm right down the road from this today. Heard a 20-ish year old caucasian man dressed all in black got off 20-40 shots out the front door but no-one was hurt: confused. Apparently at the beginning he walked into the school office, pointed an AK-47 at the secretary and said call the local news! After this point till his capture no one is yet reporting. Glad all is safe but what the hell is going on with these nutjobs...
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  2. robertusa123

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    He got what he wanted instant fame. Luckily he discovered he diddent have it in him to kill children
  3. therewolf

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    One of the common denominators is always

    large crowds of innocent people, who think

    a sign on a wall makes them safe.

    This is gun control at it's absolute worst.

    And another opportunity for B.O. to shed

    crocodile tears was wasted...
  4. CrazedJava

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    To think at one point I supported gun free zones. It was such a happy feel good measure but they obviously don't work.

    At what point do we finally quit advertising the easiest places to find victims?

    Interesting that the news is doing something different this time.
    1. They haven't mentioned the name, at least that I've seen so far.
    2. Despite reports that the shooter was 19 they are reporting him as a "Man". Yet Adam Lanza, in his 20's, was referred to as a "Child".

    Trying to decide if they are changing their tune after the gun control failure of 2013 or it's because no one was hurt so they're not hitting the narrative of the gun being at fault.
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    The local news here sure isn't playing politics nor is the police dept; I'm listening to their news conference at this moment. They got a name, age, etc etc. Then again this is just local news so maybe the spin hasn't been applied yet, but they are being very forthcoming and no BS so far. In short, the very real potential here for another Sandy Hook was certainly in play. Guy had 498 rounds of 7.62! The AK-47 he got from an acquaintance (stolen/borrowed??), has a criminal record, and also claimed he was off his meds. No motive as of yet, unless the masses agree that "I'm a worthless scumbag douche" is acceptable in this day in age...
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    there is an easy solution

    When a criminal shows up with nefarious intent, talk out a piece of chalk,make a circle around you, and in a strong voice state, "by law, this is a crime free zone". Criminal is legally obligated to move on.
  7. Jagermeister

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    Then pray to God...oh wait...prayer is illegal in public schools.
  8. Warrior1256

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    I'm sure that Feinstein, Shumer and others of their ilk are very disappointed that no one was killed, lost opportunity to advance their agenda.
  9. Daoust_Nat

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    How come all of these liberals that could not possibly entertain the thought of teachers and staff carrying firearms to protect the kids, will not post a sign outside of their home saying; "This is a Gun Free Home"