Feedback requested on .22 wmr semi autos

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  1. mountainskytop

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    I am thinking if getting a .22 WMR semiauto only. Any comments, suggestions, recommendations?
    Thanks for any input.
    Correction. Should be .22 WMR in the subject line. Sorry
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  2. beastmode986

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    From what I've heard they aren't reliable because the round was not designed for semi auto use.

  3. robocop10mm

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    There is a wide range of pressures developed by the ammo depending on who made the ammo and the specific load. This is why the Keltec uses a dual system that is gas operated for high pressure stuff and blow back for the low pressure stuff.

    You can get a semi .22 mag, you just have to find the ammo that works well with it and stick to that ammo.
  4. big shrek

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    There are only a very few that really work well...

    Keltec's PMR-30 & RMR-30...had a few issues early that are now fixed...
    Grendel's P-30, P-31, & R-31
    Marlin's 922M
    H&R's 700
    Excel's Accelerator Pistol...blockyer than an 80's Volvo..not fun to fire, even in such a small caliber...
    Volquartzen's remake of the failed really DO have to throw $700 in a 1022M to make it work right ;)

    Reportedly CZ has a nice semiauto as well, the 455, I think? Haven't tested one yet...
    Same for the ARMSCOR pistol that just came out...

    The rest of the .22WMR's including AMT's Automag II, in my view, sucked.
    I've not tried one of High Standard's version of the Automag II they may have improved on the original...

    Heck, there was even a thread on this last month or two...same stuff
  5. nitestalker

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    The Bruno ZKM 611 take down .22 Mag. Autoloader. This was a high quality very accurate rifle. The ZKM will digest any .22 Mag ammo. They can be found for sale on the web. I have owned a ZKM for many years.:)

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  6. mountainskytop

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    I got on Kel Tech website and emailed them about when the RMR 30 Carbine will finall ship and they responded quickly and said shipping should start end if year and dealers are taking preorders now.
    Thanks for all your input here.