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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by rab, Oct 7, 2011.

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    I think my previous post got lost, so here goes again.
    I have a two year old RIA A-1. It has developed a slight hori gouge on the feed ramp. It runs FMJ's just fine, but with JHP's, I notice and feel the slight hesitation on feeding. If I half rack, JHP's will stick. I wanted to take my Dremel and try polishing it away. I remember reading about others who turned their guns into paper weights. Any ideas/cautions?

    thanks ahead of time.....
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    If your not a gunsmith i would advise against it bro, i know that i wouldnt try it myself. Surely a gunsmith can fix it for you cheap. I think that it will gradually get worse as you shoot it so i would get it fixed pretty quick

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    How did the gouge get in there?
    I agree with MrWray.
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    I agree with taking it to someone that knows how to do it, but if you do want to try it yourself, do not use a dremel!!

    Use some fine grit emery wrapped around a pencil, or a piece of dowel rod about the size of a pencil & do it manually. Polish in the direction that the round travels. Be sure to maintain the same ramp angle. Just a few strokes will highlight the rough spot. Then, rake your finger nail across it to see if you can feel it. I have a pistol with visable scratch marks across the ramp. I took it to a LGS & let their 1911 guru check it. He couldn't feel it, even though it was easily visable & he said don't worry about it.
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