Feds to Sue AZ Shariff Arpaio

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by JoshH, May 10, 2012.

  1. JoshH

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    So in a statement released by the DOJ they say the plan on suing the Arizona Sheriff Arpaio. They are claiming civil rights violations for his departments efforts to clean up the illegals in AZ. I for one think the Feds are way overstepping their bounds on this one! It's clear that under the orders of Obummer and the Dems the DOJ is trying to drum up votes from the Hispanic demographic by once again playing the race card. When will this crap end? I don't think the DOJ should have the power to sue a local LEO! What ever happened to states rights?!?! Furthermore LEO's in AZ have had to do extensive training on how to conduct the illegal immigrant searches without violating civil rights laws and I believe they have more than covered their bases on this one. Arpaio says he will not give in to the Feds who are simply trying to steal his authority and says he welcomes a court case so the truth can come out. I think the Feds have no case and just want the headlines in the media. Our country is a sad propaganda machine right now! We should all show our support for Arpaio right now and tell the Feds to go lay down!
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    We have to expect a lot of this sort of political bumpy during an election year ! The USDOJ knows, (or should), this suit is a loser ! Even the one ordering it has to; if he didn't sleep through constitutional law at Harvard !

    Sheriff's, like Mr. Arpiao, are elected LEOs directly accountable to their constituency for their actions. Apparently Mr. Arpaiao's have repeatedly endorsed his ! Now its up to the USAG to prove in court Sheriff Arpiao has violated the precepts of our Constitution or the powers - granted by his electors - of his office. IOW, we're seeing, in microcosm, the very issues that created the Civil War. We could see another ! >MW

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    The money wasted with the DOJ suing all these states and local governments is staggering. We have to pay for both sides. The taxpayer loses no matter which side eventually wins. This time they are suing the sheriff, the sheriff's office, and the county. We(the taxpayer) pay the costs for each one of these entities. Not to mention every person involved should be doing their real job that they were hired or elected to do instead of going to court or getting ready for court or talking to the press about going to court or whatever time waster. Oh and a large number of the sheriff's men are Hispanic same as the ones who are often being caught. So are the Hispanic deputies racists against Hispanics?
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    It seems to me that if there were clear, undisputable civil rights violations, the feds would have removed him from office or arrested him. This, I think is another dog and pony brought to you by the limp wristed liberal establishment.
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    One of the things they're accusing Arpaio of is not turning over documents to them. Gee, does THAT have a familiar ring to it?????
  6. Flat Tire

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    At some point someone has to stand up and do the job the feds fail to do. Arizona will win the case that the supreme court is deciding right now and other states will have bills to follow what Arizona has done to deal with illegals from mexico. The thing I don't understand is why the call them illegal immigrants and never pursue the thought that they are illegal. It is time to clean up our own country and treat people the same as I would be treated when I am outside this country. When you leave this country as a US citizen you carry all your papers with you and if you don't have any papers they send you home.
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    Crap like this makes is painfully obvious the

    feds have too much of our money...