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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by cliffspot, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. cliffspot

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    FEDEX has some new bull****....we had a shipment of powder and primers come in. My partner was out and he went to pick it up the next day and they said they had to put it in a separate facility because it was GUNS! Guns are not shipped HAZMAT! So he goes to the other facility and they shipped our stuff back to GRAF! Now we can't find our stuff, and things are getting low. Tell your readership to avoid FEDEX if possible!
  2. robocop10mm

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    There are morons in every line of work. Contact Fedex and complain. They need to train their employees better (or at all)

  3. gearhead396

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    When I worked for a shop we would order tires and wheels that would come FedEx our stuff was heavy and usually at the back he would just pull the packages out letting them crash down all over each other walking on them it was pretty bad for an employee to treat people stuff that way.
  4. orangello

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    It's not just FedEx; I ordered some SKS feed sent to a buddy's house. He watched the driver toss it a good 15 feet from the edge of the carport to the door. Only a couple boxes burst, but they heard from my buddy and from me about it, in redneck and LOUDLY.

    I try NOT to drop live ammunition, much less toss it over a dozen feet onto concrete.
  5. sdiver35

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    I've shipped one handgun via FedEx and will never do it again. First off they treat you like you are a criminal at the counter, and then force you to ship the highest method Priority Overnight. UPS has much better services and they have always been super nice at the main hub here in Louisville.

    FedEx will never get my business again.