Federal Gun Law Question

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Tony Soprano, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Tony Soprano

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    Over the last year or so I've had 2 policemen and a sheiff's deputy tell me it's against the FEDERAL law to carry into a church and into any bank or credit union.I have researched this over and over and I cannot find this anywhere,in the mean while I've had 2 other cops say they have never heard of that? Does anyone know where these laws exist if they even do,I've carried several times into a bank and it's not against my state law to do so.
  2. opaww

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    There is no such Fed. law that I have ever heard of, but may be a state one depending on the state. I carry mine into my bank not one problem, though some banks around here are posted no weapons allowed it is only a 10$ fine and askyou to leave type of a law.

  3. Bidah

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    None that I have heard of either. States are a different matter. Here in Montana, Banks and Trains are off limits.. guess how that came about. :)

  4. matt g

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    IIRC, there is a federal law against carrying into banks, but the church one is new to me. My church requires that you carry while attending services and yet we maintain non-profit status. :confused:
  5. pioneer461

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    There is no such federal law regarding churches, but some backwards thinking states may have such a restriction. When anyone tries to tell me about such laws, I ask for references.
  6. 45forlife

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    I know in Georgia, we are not allowed to carry in public places, or feds buildings. A church in georgia is concidered a public place, and some banks or federal funded, so I don't know how that works being federal funded, but I do know that all banks ain't federal buildings. My advice is go on the ATF website get a number and call and asked.
  7. jeepcreep927

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    There are NO federal laws against carrying a weapon anywhere except federal property (federal courthouse, federal prison, Post Office, VA Hospital, etc.) States may enact laws against carrying a gun in a school or on state property such as a state courthouse, prison, etc., and this would be a violation of state statute. Private companies can forbid carrying a gun on their premesis, but if you do, and are caught, you have done nothing illegal (assuming the gun, carry method etc. is legal), only violated their policy. Commercial banks are private institutions.
  8. jvanwink

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    In Texas it is against the law to carry in church. If a business has a no guns sign posted it is considered a No Trespassing sign on their property if you are carrying. My credit union posted a no gun sign. I called the Manager and told him that I would be closing all my accounts because I carry 99% of the time. And if I come on the credit union's property carrying or locked up in my vehicle I am breaking the law. I also stated that Conceal and carry licensees have rigid background checks and are honest and trustworthy citizens and did he think a robber would care about your sign. Several of my friends belong to this credit union also and voiced the same complaint. Guess what the sign disappeared in all branches of this credit union.:D