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    All right. Yesterday was my yearly requal day for the Bureau of Prisons. It is horribly scary how easy the course of fire is, but then again we obviously dont duty carry being around inmates. But the BPT course of fire is more difficult for those trained to transport inmates.

    The course of fire is 30 rifle rounds, 5.56, at 50 yards. People actually miss from 50 yards with a rifle.

    The second part is 30 rounds using a pistol, 9mm, Beretta (or Ruger). This is from the 3 and 7 yard lines. Usually 2 rounds at a time. Sometimes with emergency reloads.

    In the picture, the shots with the black tick marks are my rifle shots. All within a 4x4-5x5 inch area. We dont get practice rounds or sessions. So Im not able to bzo, thats why I shot low and left. On my shooting line of 25 shooters I by far had thee best grouping in the rifle. Some people only got 25/30 or 28/30 and literally used the entire scoring area to make their hits.

    The shots with no markings are my pistol shots. Majority of hits within a 3x5 inch square with a couple of rushed shots. I had a couple of flyers, usually happen on the times that I draw, fire 2, emergancy reload, and fire 2 more. I wanted to save time and attempt to point shoot, but I keep reverting back to habit and closing one eye and aiming. Once again, I had the best grouping out the the pistol portion. This year we used the Beretta. Last year we used the Ruger(not sure of the model), I have bad feelings towards the Ruger. I'll never own a Ruger semi-auto.

    Overall I was very pleased in my performance. I was just surprised at how loose everyone's (not everyone's but the majority) accuracy was. Everyone spends 2-3 weeks at Federal Law Enforcement Training Center being taught fundamentals and shooting lots of rounds to learn how to shoot a very easy course of fire. Im glad when I was in the Marine Corps I didnt have to worry about anyones ability to shoot.

    Well there you go, my range report for my Federal Firearms Yearly Qualification.

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    I missed this thread the first time thru but very good shooting for having two cold weapons Mi. Damn fine work.

    Kudos to you!!


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    Well Done!! Whoever that guy is, he isn't happy!!
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    Thanx guys. Hopefully next year I can tighten em up a little more. I really dont care were my rifle shots end up as I have no control to windage and elevation. I just hope that whenever I am up in the prison tower that it is a little more centered.