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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by sweeper22, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. sweeper22

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    I've seen the new Federal Champion label popping up at Walmart the last couple months. It's competitively priced, even lower than WWB in fact. These are the approximate prices per 50 rd box: 9mm- $9, 40sw- $13, 45acp- $16.

    I picked up several boxes of the .40, and so far so good. Seems about as good as WWB or Blazer. I'd like to hear if anyone with any range time has any thoughts on these rounds...especially the 9 and 45.
  2. Moss99

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    If I need to get some practice in and don't feel like launching my buck-a-shot Hydra Shoks at paper I use the FMJ Federals in .40. I've yet to have a single failure (roughly 1500 cycles) and the accuracy is actually fairly good. Every once in a while I get a round that feels a little light in the loafers but that might just be me. I would recommend these in .40 but unfortunately can't say that I have any experience with them in 9mm or .45 simply because all I have is the .40. I guess the only minor issue I have is that they are a little dirty, but I like to clean my weapon so that doesn't really bother me either. :D

  3. Gojubrian

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    The federals are just as good as WWB's, but they are a little dirtier. I notice more residue from the federals than from the winchesters.
    They're just as accurate and a little cheaper than winchesters plus they're more readily availiable here than winchesters.

    Federal Champion $9.47 50rds for 9mm
    WWB's 100rds for $20.97