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    I found an article in chuckhawks.com that lists the major handgun calibers and recommended self defense ammo for that caliber. It was written anonymously. Ammunition For The Self-Defense Firearm

    In the article is says the .357 is the most effective handgun round and that Federal 357B is the best ammo and the best man stopping ammo regardless of caliber, even the powerful .44 mag. So, to all of you with your infinite wisdom in the handgun world, do you believe this statement. Or do you believe there is some validity to it, but that there might be something better. When I looked up the round it was listed at around 575 ft/lbs, buffalobore.com has there hottest load at 800 fl/lbs. I always thought that for man stopping you wanted to dump the most energy possible into bad guy.
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    i would think a big a$$ .45 acp round would have more knockdown power than a .357 mag.

    but, i'll wait to see what the experts say on the matter.

    i think some would say that the best self defense gun is the one you have on you at the time you need it, and i tend to agree with that.

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    The most effective handgun round is the one you have loaded when the SHTF, and it's only as effective as the ability of the shooter to place that shot!

    I don't think good groups make a good PD shoot. You must be fight focused, NOT competition focused. Translation; multiple traumas to multiple systems. "More holes in, more blood out, lower the blood pressure and the fight leaves the body."

    "The Best Round" will not make a POS firearm or an ill-trained shooter better!

    The list is of value only if you are looking for a PD weapon and want the "MOST" from your choice. OR, should you have a firearm that you are comfortable with, the list will provide you a quick summary of the writer's selections for it.

    I, like the writer, have found the "BEST" tool is not always the BFH(ammer) but sometimes the lowly ball peen.

    His quote; "I keep my bedside .357 revolver loaded with .38 Special+P Glasers because I live in a thin-walled apartment building and want to be able to put down an intruder rapidly without worrying about injuring my neighbors. I chose .38 over .357 Magnums because I am likely to be in a just-awakened daze and would rather not be blinded and disoriented by the flash, kick and blast of firing a .357 Magnum in a (probably darkened) room. You may have a similar situation (e.g. retail store defense) where injury to third parties is of concern, and you'll likely be facing an assailant at extremely close range where the Glaser's inaccuracy and inability to penetrate cover will not be drawbacks. In these narrowly defined scenarios, the Glaser is a good choice, but keep a couple of speedloaders of hollowpoints handy, just in case. I do."

    Read everything you can get your hands on, try others suggestions and if the results are good for your application then, and only then, employ them.

    There is no substitute for experience! Always use your most powerful weapon, your brain!

    Now with that said; if you're looking for that "one shot" CQB take-down round (even with body armor), you would be hard-pressed to top the .460 Rowland fired from a 5.5" Government Model 1911 delivered to COM!
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    I ask this because I found some info through my searching of firearms. First I came to e-guns.net. I was looking at different guns by caliber under pistols. When I clicked on 357, it was a Deagle, a Glock, a Beretta, and Coonan. Ive seen this website several months ago, and I remember seeing the Coonan. It interested me because it was a semi-auto in .357 mag that resembled a slab side 1911. So, while looking for it on google i found coonaninc.com. Anyway, while on the website I found a phone number. I called it. While talking to the lady, it turns out that Coonan Inc will be coming out with Coonan Model B in .357 Magnum again. And possibly the Cadet as well. She told me it should be out before the end of this year. I am now signed up for there email news letter. Oh yeah, she said they were probably going to price it between $1000-$1200.

    I think I want one.

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    Does anyone own a Coonan? How good of a weapon is it?
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    The article you were looking at is likely the one that refers to the most EFFECTIVE one shot stopper.

    The information is taken from shootings by police officers. And there is data on a larger number of shootings with .357 Mag than with many other NEWER calibers.

    If there another caliber that is MORE likely to stop a bad guy with ONE bullet ? Possible. Hell, make that CERTAINLY- but there are just not many documented shootings that used a .577 T-Rex pistol.....