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    This past January I turned 18. Throughout my teens I've become interested in politics and the path that our country is on. I care a great deal for my freedoms and preserving them. I enjoy my rights and that was my original interest in protecting my 2nd Amendment rights. Any way back to the point I was excited to turn 18 so that I could enjoy the right to vote. So because of the looming elections I've started to do research on the up coming candidates for the presidential election. I wish to make an informed decision for my first cast ballot and not just copy what my parents do like I feel many young adults are inclined to do. So I have been doing quite a bit of research. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is where I lose it. I'm about 6 months into all this and I am already fed up of politics. It seems like there are so many insurmountable problems that it comes across as a hopeless cause.

    So my question is this: What do you do to keep from becoming overwhelmed and just burying your head in the sand? What do you do to keep your cool when it comes to political issues. I can understand now a little how people just refuse to pay attention, but I refuse to become one of those people.
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    That is the first step. Have the resolve to stay connected. The second part is to adhere to your values. Weigh the candidates statements and commitment against those values in making your decision.

    Thank you for being a responsible citizen of the United States of America.

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    The good news is that you are not in denial. Welcome to a huge majority who are fed up, just don't give up. Keep doing your research make rational choices and pray a little.
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    Take a look at wisconsin. We are a shining example of how it is possible. 11 months ago our state was doomed to following the liberal agenda. we had liberals and rino republicans racking up massive debt, a billion dollar choochoo train boondoggle looming over us another 2 bilion in state deficit, public employee unions strangling our economy.

    We conservatives stopped electing rinos just cuz they had an r behind the name. We turned the state over to democrats for a short time unfortunately in order to flush the bowl to get rid of romney/mccain/huckabee type turds. Next cycle we got real conservatives and in 6 months totally changed the state.

    Now we have a balanced budget, paid ALL the state debt, have stronger schools, and a a verybright future ahead. The only issue we face is if we get more elections with republicans trying to govern like democrats.

    It can be done you just gotta stay tuned in and support real conservative candidates.
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    Already doing research, that's fantastic. Keep developing those critical thinking skills, they will serve you well in life. Question EVERYTHING! Politicians have to be elected, so they will often make compromises to win an election. Find the people that are closest to your core beliefs and support them. Recognize that often your core beliefs may not resonate well with enough of a majority. Think about getting involved in local govt, but be prepared for people to begin personal and physical attacks on you and your family.

    I had a monumental epiphany a few years ago when my Dr. decided I needed to start taking a statin drug to lower my cholesterol. When I challenged him, he told me to read the actual studies and not the internet... I have a background in industrial research, so I was able to look beyond the blah blah blah, and actually looked at and analyzed the data. What I saw scared the hell out of me. I fired my doc and found a new one.
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    Yeah, it can get a mite frustrating. One truth is this: no two people agree on everything all the time. So you will never meet a candidate who is always in line with your thinking on every issue. It can be difficult to choose a candidate when it seems like you're compromising your principles, but weighing issues is important.

    Having studied history some and having learned a great deal about this Great Experiment in individual liberty, it certainly doesn't seem to me that the myriad problems we face will be resolved quickly or painlessly. Or even at all.

    One thing I do to put myself in a better frame of mind is work toward self-sufficiency. Pay off debt, learn how to acquire food (without the benefit of a supermarket or drive-thru), have a store of wealth, be able to defend yourself and your property, meet locals who are also doing these things and share what you learn. If one concern is a dollar crash, work on ways you can become less dependent on the dollar.

    Thank you and congrats on being as wise as you are for your age.
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    NEVER VOTE FOR DEMOCRATATS! if you want tyo hold on to your GUNS AND FREEDOMS.
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    If you love our Country and you love freedom and want to preserve them, you study and research. Then you make the best decision you can based on your moral and political beliefs. It can be frustrating and overwhelming at times, but it is necessary. Our form of government is a messy thing, but it is the best system in history.

    Congratulations on your willingness to get knowledgeable and involved. At those times when you feel overwhelmed or just too angry, take a break. Go shooting and make some smoke and noise. Then just get back to it as you can. ;)
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    The primary issue here is we need to fight Obama's fire with fire.

    With a division of opposition voters, Obama wins.

    Even with his crappy approval ratings, if 60% of the voters

    split their votes between 3 different candidates, Obama

    backs into a second term...
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    research outcome

    At my advanced age and being a political junky for years this is my take.
    Be advised that most of my work life was as a union lemming, in fact all the way to Clinton. That is when my research became urgent.
    This is my take on the issue of my vote. The courts and legal system of our once great country are the greatest problem. Most judges in important courts are appointed by polititions and approved by more polititions. There is my issue, vote for the person that most likely would choose judges that would uphold the constitution as a whole not just parts they agree with.
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    I am rigs wife and he thought I should reply to you. First of all....good for you in standing up and taking responsibility for yourself to gain knowledge before voting. My suggestions to you are find like minded groups that you agree with for the most part. Whether it is a Tea Party group...9-12 organization or whomever....they will help curb the feeling of being overwhelmed. Read up and contact your local representatives....ask the hard questioned that concern you. Go to town halls and get to know folks....pick their brains. You will feel more of a team effort and regardless if different folks may see different candidates as more or less effective...you should have a clue by voting day on what u feel is the right vote for you. Most voting records for candidates....state or federal are accessible online if you want to make sure folks you like stand for the principles you stand for. Also....some talk show hosts on radio are great to listen to. Mark Levin...Michael Berry....Mike Church.....Andrew Wilkow as well as Cam And Company. Some r satellite shows and others are on standard radio or on line. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you all for your responses. :) I appreciate all the advice and ideas, they're more then helpful. I like seeing how others handle these pressures. Please feel free to keep on posting.
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    Kudos 2H2H !!

    By virtue of your questions you've assummed the mantle of adulthood. You should be proud ! A great many - regardless of their chronological age - never attain that status !

    You've already gotten a great deal of good advice here, so I'm not gonna add my poor effort. Instead I'm just gonna suggest you take pride in your conscious decision to be a worthwhile citizen ! We have all to few of them !! >MW
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    Well, 2H2H, if you're selecting a candidate because of the political

    platform they support, rather than who looks nicer or makes a better

    speech, you're already way ahead of the typical voter.