Feasible custom 20 gauge slug gun

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    I got a chance to hold a savage 220 slug gun when I was at rural king last night. You guys said that if I ever got around to putting my custom 20 gauge slug gun together it would be cheaper to use a savage 220. Well I now got your logic. I was messing around on Boyd'sgunstocks.com last night and they happen to make wood stocks for the 220. I put a custom stock together to see how much it would run me :

    Claro X walnut prairie hunter (Monte Carlo) stock

    14" length of pull
    1" custom limbsaver pad
    Black polymer grip cap
    Black polymer fore-end tip
    White line spacers
    90° finish (high gloss)
    Fleu-di-lis checkering (the new Orleans saints logo, if you know how it's spelled please correct me)

    And my initials laser engraved into the stock

    The total price for the custom stock before shipping is right around $400.

    The gun itself is $500 somethin' and the stock after shipping is at most $475.

    My cva wolf muzzleloader crapped out on me so I'm going to sell it for parts and put it towards the savage (and eventually get a Thompson center, I'm done with cva).

    The scope on my muzzleloader is a konus 3-9x32 (or 40, I'm not sure) that came with a cva scope kit I bought online. If I put the scope on the savage 220, will it handle the recoil? Since the savage bolt action slug guns are built on the 110 action, will scope mounts for a 110 fit the 220?

    I'm going to apply for summer jobs a little earlier this year than I did last year. If I get hired this upcoming summer, I will get the 220. The following summer, if I get hired, I'm going to get the custom stock as a graduation present to myself. If that plan falls through, I know I can get a part time job somewhere after I graduate high school. I'm also going to take an online gunsmithing course (Phoenix state university has an online course for $200, certificate and ffl license included after completion).

    I live in Indiana. Yes I know I could just get a 44 magnum or a similar caliber. My logic for buying and hunting with a slug gun is compared to rifles, you can hunt with a slug gun in just about every state in the US for whitetails. It's also usually easier to find slugs in most ammo stores compared to most rifle and handgun ammo.
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    Sounds like a good plan kid. get that job, save up your money and go for it. yes, the scope from your Wolf should handle the rcoil od a 20 ga. According to this page on Midway, it will.


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    Keep in mind the Savage 220 is designed for Sabot Slugs not rifled slugs. Sounds like a good plan. Good luck.
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    Thanks guys!

    Do any of you guys shoot at the pigeon river fish and wildlife area in Mongo, Indiana. That's where I shoot. If you guys see a savage 220 there that fits the description I mentioned earlier, it will probably be me. Mention my forum name, your forum name and the name of the forum. If it's me, I will know what you're saying and most of the time I will let you shoot it (if I brought enough ammo) ;):thumbup:

    Heck, while I'm at it, also mention randy420 and mosin762. Those are my other accounts on this forum. I'm mostly on the mobile version of this forum and on the mobile version it's much less complicated to just create a new account if you forget or lose your log in info.

    Just to jog your memory, I was responsible for the "custom 500 s&w bolt action" thread. Do you guys remember that one? Since I'm going to become a gunsmith, I'm going to try putting that rifle together. If I open up my own shop, I'm going to do custom builds. It's mostly going to be like the ones on TV. Buy a gun off the rack and customize it for the customer. Builds like my 500 s&w idea are going to be a build to order guns.
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