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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by rurak, May 21, 2013.

  1. rurak

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    So I leave for aruba friday and I'm afraid to fly. I've flown lots of times but it gets worse every time. I have a prescription for it but it doesn't help much. I worry about losing engines, mechanical failures, pilot error and turbulence. Can anyone help me with this? Does anyone else deel the same way?
  2. JerryOnly

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    Yes. Hit the bar before you go, get a little buzz on. Use the bathroom before boarding, after takeoff and the drinks person is coming around get a beer and some little bottles of booze....just enough to take the edge off....watch movie and don't look out window.

  3. kfox75

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    I hate flying too, but for different reasons. 2 metal plates in my head. Security, elevation changes, being disarmed, tempature changes, etc. As far as the above problems, i aproach them with the attitude of, what will happen, will happen.

    Best advice I can give you is to go out and do something you enjoy during you free time in the 2 to 3 days leading up to the flight. It may help to take your mind off some of your worries. Best of luck, and try to enjoy your trip.
  4. Overkill0084

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    Friday eh? There is a reason that airports have bars. Seriously. I will not fly without a couple drinks in me (when possible). I will admit that If I'm going to have a case of the nerves, it will be on take off & on landing. The rest of the time, it's simply a really bad bus ride.
    Additionally, I bring something that I can concentrate on to distract from the experience (book, tablet, phone).
    I can't speak from experience, but I suspect that a certain recently legalized (in a number of states) herb might help. I'm not suggesting any unlawful activity, just pointing out a theory.

    My problem isn't fear, so much as a hatred of flying. The process of flying can be so aggravating, a crash may seem like a reasonable option. I detest the whole process of trying to get on the plane. 9-11 did me no favors. It's a rarity when I'm NOT pulled out for the "bonus" inspection." "Sure, let the angry looking Arab dude zip right through, but me and the retired lady from Minnesota get the bonus screening." I hate the crowds. I hate the TSA as an organization; do they even hire non-douchebags to interact with the public? I hate the overpriced food. But the overpriced drinks at the bar are worth it.
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  5. stratrider

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    Try some noise canceling headphones. They will make you turn them off when they could help the most ( take off and landing) but they should help during the rest of the flight. Asked to be placed next to a kicking screaming child. You'll be so mad you'll forget that you're on a plane.
  6. rurak

    rurak New Member

    I'm going with my wife and 4 year old daughter. My biggest fears are turbulence and mechanical failures ...... I know its an irrational fear but I don't know how to get rid of it. It literally ruins my vacation because its all I think about :(
  7. NC1760

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    In a quick answer... No, you are FAR from alone in that fear. But just like everything else the media gets their hands on... They have overblown the situation. The odds of you dying in a single airline crash are 1 in 29.4 MILLION (No, that is not a typo and it is varified by 2012 statistics; http://www.statisticbrain.com/airplane-crash-statistics/ ) The airline industry, while always malined by public and media... is highly regulated and the flight personel are (for the most part) well trained in emergency situations.

    I myself, do NOT like to fly... but because of work, distance and time... have found myself more times than I can count on a plane. My personal preference are the jumbos. The bigger the plane (and the more engines on it)... the more I feel at ease. If you can, bring something along to take your mind off of it. A book, magazine, Ipod, game device... Travel like you got a kid with you and if you want, let the flight crew know you have anxiety. They specialize in putting passangers at ease.

    One last thing... I would be REAL careful of mixing alcohol with medications. You have NO idea what could happen... Be cool & good luck. :)
  8. c3shooter

    c3shooter Administrator Staff Member

    Before I retired (again) April last year, was flying about 150 times a year.

    Honestly, the dangerous part is getting TO the airport.

    Re: Turbulence- have only experienced BAD turbulence on a couple of flights. What made my wife go white knuckled that she CALLED turbulence was far less than what you experience going down a gravel road in a pickup- but you are EXPECTING that.

    Re: Engine failure- if you car was built like a commercial aircraft, it would never break down. Even on the small stuff I used to fly, there were TWO ignition systems for each cylinder. And a requirement for an inspection by a certified inspector every XX number of hours, after any repair, test flights, etc. And none of the ones you will fly have one engine. It flies with less than all of them running.

    Take a book. Take a DVD player and a movie you have not seen. Snug your seatbelt up, and do something distracting. Like worry about the drinking water in Aruba. Take some snacks to nibble on. Crossword puzzles, etc.

    You are not alone- a LOT of folks are uncomfortable flying. Me- I am uncomfortable with roller coasters (and traffic on the DC Beltway). Some folks love them.
  9. johnr1943

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    FWIW, you have a far, far better chance of winning a lottery than being hurt at all while flying. To me, the TSA is the "hell" of flying. These people totally took the fun out of air travel for me.

    Not to worry, we'll all be fine here till you get back. You'll really like Aruba. Be sure to do some snorkeling.
  10. Doc3402

    Doc3402 New Member

    Not counting a bus, you are probably as safe from accidental death as you are ever going to get in an airliner. I'm going to bet that you drive. In 2008 just over 34,000 died in the US in car crashes, and 800 died in train crashes. Nobody died in commercial airline crashes for that year. Not one single person. Workplace fatalities for the same year accounted for another 5,214.

    For the most part fear of flying is a control issue. You don't have any, and the pilot does. Here's something to lean on. Your pilot is not drunk on his *** like many on the road around you. Your pilot has a backup pilot who is also not drunk on his *** like many on the road around you. That plane never would have left the ground if they were. You have hundreds of people doing nothing but making sure that plane gets from point A to B which may or may not happen with your luggage.

    There is only one way you could be safer on this trip, and I would bet they don't have bus service to Aruba. Oh, yeah. One other thing. When you get to Aruba be careful. You have a much better chance of getting killed there than you do on the flight over.
  11. Yunus

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    It won't help immediately but when you can you should go flying in a small plane with an instructor pilot. I had a friend who discovered he was afraid of not being in control or knowing what is happening and not flying itself.

    After he flew in a small aircraft where he experienced control and saw first hand how things worked it calmed him on all flights, he doesn't love flying but it helped.
  12. Doc3402

    Doc3402 New Member

    That is excellent advice. It's been so long ago that I had forgotten that was how Mom got over her fear.
  13. winds-of-change

    winds-of-change The Balota's Staff Member

    That is exactly it. I, too, am a fearful flier and I'm flying several times in the next week and a half. For me, I believe, it's that I have to trust that others will know what they are doing and will keep me safe. It's definitely the lack of control. I am also very terrified of heights. I have take prescription sedatives, too, which didn't help me much, either. This time I have to put on a 'brave front' because my two granddaughters will be with and I don't want them to think there is something to be afraid of. :(
  14. gearhead396

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    I have the same issue. I'm a me mechanic and I know how easy it is for parts to fail. One thing and one thing only has ever helped me. 2mg Xanax bar. That's the only thing that calms me Down the doctor prescribes me 2 if I'm going on a trip on there one back. I have been on a airline once as a kid on the way to Canada, we hit a air pocket and the plane dropped about 100 feet straight down several people got hurt. Ever since then I've been nervous without this trusty Xanax.
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  15. eatmydust

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    Two pieces of advice from a formerly fearful, now excited flyer.

    1) Put your life under the protection of Jesus Christ, before you even leave the house. That way you have no fears of not reaching your ULTIMATE destination.
    2) Recite to yourself, over & over & over: "I'm calm, relaxed and confident." "I'm calm, relaxed and confident." This is what's known a neuro-linguistics, used by all top performers. You are training your brain to truly become Calm, Relaxed and Confident. I have used this technique for years, in competition, when a big buck walks up on me, before sales calls, proir to interviews... Think of it like batting practice, you don't take BP right before the "2 outs bottom of the ninth appearance at the plate." Practice, Practice, Practice!!

    The last reason I am now excited to fly is that I know that there is something more important than my fears awaiting me.*

    *Also known as courage.
  16. ScottA

    ScottA FAA licensed bugsmasher Lifetime Supporter

    Airlines actually have the best safety record out of any transportation systems. There's really nothing to worry about.
  17. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I'm not sure I could say that I am "afraid" of flying; I hate flying commercial. I have no great love of heights, but I can get over high places when it is my idea or there is a tail chase on (practically had a water tower named after me in Jr. High & High school). I hate crowds, waiting in line, security checkpoints, mandated sobriety, crappy food, overpriced drinks, and pretty much all things airport. The last time I flew was an almost empty commercial flight on an older plane from Baton Rouge to Memphis some time before 2001. If I ever fly again, it will be at my own hand or in a plane small enough for me to *****slap the pilot. A family friend has a small plane and has offered to take me up and show me the basics.

    Strangely, I find the idea of powered paragliding very appealing, though it is probably MUCH less statistically safe than commercial airline travel.

    For long-distance transport other than my car, I LOVE trains. The train is more relaxed and often has a bar at the back. When I was in college, trains still had designated smoking areas.
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  18. MisterMcCool

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    I have a lot of life insurance. That helps.
  19. orangello

    orangello New Member

    Doesn't do squat for you, just for the beneficiaries. Let's talk about your lifestyle; I might want to lay a bet myself. :D
  20. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    I'm a licensed private pilot, and at one time was a gold member commercial flyer. Your fears are absolutely unfounded, commercial airlines are incredibly safe, pilots have to go through oogles and oogles of training, planes have multiple redundant safety systems. Your risks are greater if someone a mile away accidentally fires a rifle into the air.

    I HATE flying, but not over safety concerns. I hate the whole TSA, hurry up and wait experience. Fear of safety, not a one.