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    This was stopped in the halls of Congress and even the courts said no to the internet takeover by the FCC.

    UPDATE 1-Approval of Internet traffic rules likely-analysts | Reuters

    Contentious Internet traffic rules facing a vote next week are likely to be adopted without radically veering from a proposal unveiled earlier in the month, telecommunications policy analysts said on Wednesday.

    The Federal Communications Commission will vote on Dec. 21 on whether to adopt regulations that ban the blocking of lawful traffic but allow Internet service providers to ration Web traffic on their networks.
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    Now the UN is in the Game on this control!

    This is from Patriot Update website.

    UN Plans Internet Regulation – Patriot Update

    UN mulls internet regulation options - Security - Technology - News - iTnews.com.au

    UN Plans Internet Regulation
    December 17, 2010

    WikiLeaks sparks push for tighter controls.

    The United Nations is considering whether to set up an inter-governmental working group to harmonise global efforts by policy makers to regulate the internet.

    Establishment of such a group has the backing of several countries, spearheaded by Brazil.

    At a meeting in New York on Wednesday:

    United Nations Webcast - Special Event: Consultations on enhanced cooperation of international public policy issues pertaining to the Internet (2nd part)

    Rrepresentatives from Brazil called for an international body made up of Government representatives that would to attempt to create global standards for policing the internet – specifically in reaction to challenges such as WikiLeaks.

    The Brazilian delegate stressed, however, that this should not be seen as a call for an “takeover” of the internet.

    India, South Africa, China and Saudi Arabia appeared to favour a new possible over-arching inter-government body.

    However, Australia, US, UK, Belgium and Canada and attending business and community representatives argued there were risks in forming yet another working group that might isolate itself from the industry, community users and the general public.

    “My concern is that if we were to make a move to form a governmental-only body then that would send a very strong signal to civil society that their valuable contribution was not required or was not being looked for,” an un-named Australian representative told the meeting.

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    It already happens all around the world.

    But, let them try and try to take over the internet.

    Have you ever seen what a bunch of pissed off hackers can do with a botnet? Ever heard of a DOS Attack (Denial of Service)

    I for one would gladly set up a computer and allow it to run on a botnet for as long as they needed it to fight.

    The internet should be just as if you are speaking to someone face to face. The government should have ZERO say what is put out there unless it has to do with criminal activity.

    If they decide to do this there is going to be an all out war it will not be fought with bullets and tanks or even air planes or armed drones. Nope it will be fought with byts and bits baby.
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    They have no idea what they're getting into... A pissed off hacker is just as bad as a man with a gun. If not worse because there's no face to the attacker.
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