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favorite XD caliber

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What is everyone's favorite XD caliber; 9mm, .357 SIG, .40 S&W, or .45 GAP?
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I've only tried it in 40 cal

I have the XD-9 Service. Works for me.

You may have trouble finding the .45GAP as that has been discontinued. There are some out there on Gunbroker right now.

I had an XD 4" in 357 Sig. Wow. what a handful!! This gun got the attention of everyone on the shooting line at the range. My handload was 10 grains of Blue Dot, 124 grain plated flat point, a Winchester primer in a Remington case. Talk about muzzle flash! I cannot imagine using this gun in a defensive situation especially in the dark! It would have to be blinding (and brutally loud) Overall, the gun was flawless for 1000 rounds or so I put through, but no where near as accurate as my Taurus PT99 9mm or Rock Island Armory 1911 45, with handloads or factory stuff. That is why I don't have it anymore. However, I loved the way it felt in my hand and would someday like to have one with the 5" barrel in .45 Auto.
45 ACP, 13+1 with another 26 on the hip. Man if Springfield would only make an XD Carbine that uses the same mags?!?
XD 4"compact 45 acp love it I live in CA only 10 round mags here
I've owned an XD-9 Service and SubCompact... Shot a buddys 40 Service.

Out of all of them, I liked my Service the best, but the subcompact fits my hand better and wears a lot nicer than the service.
I got a 40 and 45 haven't had time to get out and shoot the 45 as of now. The 40 is a sweet shooting babydoll.
I have more than one. I shoot the XD9 most,,,cause it's less expensive to shoot. The XD40 gets more carry time....they didn't have the .45 out when I got that gun.

Bought my first Springfield XD in 9 mm today. Can't wait to shoot this thing.
Very little use, the owner wanted a 45 so I got this for 400.00. I already have a Ruger SR-9 that is going to be on the recall so now I have a good gun to use. Never shot one of these yet, but others tell me it will make me want to sell my SR-9. I have read a lot of positive reports on this gun. Just have to get to the range this week. :D
Right now, all mine are in 9mm.(XD 4" & 3") Makes life easier, same ammo, same mags (long ones in 3" for reloads) & 9mm will kill you or stop you as well as anything else with proper marksmanship, so I practice regularly.
XD 45 Auto of course...out of a 4" service model...
Not to be facetious, but it depends primarily on what you intend to shoot at. My service model is an excellent example of what a double-stack 9MM should be, but I wouldn't want to have to shoot through a car at someone. That said, my next gun will most likely be a .45 revolver.
Mainly because I want a revolver.
I have the XD .45 tactical. I am not really a caliber snob though. I own my share of nines.
i have the xd-9 in 3 inch sub compact.fired about 400 rounds down range.never a ftf as of yet.the gun is very comfortable,i use as primary carry mostly.i bought a don hume holster that is more comfy and carrys the gun in closer.i shot most calbers in this gun and i like the 9mm best.
I'm wondering why you neglected the .45acp in choices, bet it was simple oversight. The .45acp is my choice.
I've got 2, 4" model in 45 ACP and 3" in 9mm. I've put thousands of rounds thru the 45 and love it. Haven't had a single problem with it yet, the 9 only has a couple hundred thru it. I got the 9 because it's a lot smaller and I wanted a CC gun. I'm not a very big guy so its hard for me to hide a full sized gun unless I'm wearing a jacket which I rarely do. That and I just don't care for a 40.
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