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Favorite Spyderco knife?

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Witch of spydercos many fantastic knives is your favorite!?
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The only one I have any experience with is the Delica.

They are very surprisingly sturdy, high quality knives, considering how cheap and flimsy they feel to me.

I need to pick one up someday.

We had a member a while back who was a dealer.
I've been carrying the Delica 4 as my EDC for several years now replacing my old "Hunter" (all steel, carried for 15+ years)---I went with the Delica 4 smooth edge as it is easier to sharpen---the almost 3" blade is legal just about everywhere.
For serious outdoor work, I carry the Fallkniven A1 (6 1/2" fixed blade)---does just about everything well.
I have a Pacific Salt H1 plain blade in black, that has been my edc for over a year now. It is crazy sharp, and I think the tip design is a little more durable than some of the "pointier" models. For the size of the blade it is very light.
Not my knife, but like it.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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