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Discussion in 'Other Weapons' started by txpossum, Jul 4, 2013.

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    A few weeks ago there was a thread in this folder asking people to post pictures of their Buck 110's, which I thought was a great idea. Fewer people posted pics than I thought the subject warranted.

    But, since it is the 4th and right now I am bored, I thought I would try start a thread asking people to post pictures of their favorite traditional slipjoints.

    Here's one of mine: an old KA-BAR trapper with stag scales:

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  2. mdauben

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    Although I intellectually prefer modern lock blades for actual use I still have a drawer full of traditional slip joints. There's just something about them!

    In terms of pattern, I have to say my favorite is the large Trapper. It's big enough to use for a lot of everyday chores, has a nice selection of blares and isn't too big or bulky for pocket carry. Of the 8-10 Trappers I own, this on is probably my favorite.


    It's a Case knife with Red Stag handles. Supposedly Red Stag isn't as durable as Sambar Stag but I love the warm, reddish color. ;)