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All disclaimers apply...
reduce loads 10% and work up from there... remember.... my rifle, chamber etc is different then yours... it may have a very different throat depth, smaller bore diameter etc.
These are my match loads and they work very well. I got these loads from others and I did the 10% deal as advised above.
These work for me.
For both a ar-15 service rifle (DPMS) with 1 in 8 twist SS barrel and an "space gun ar-15 with 1 in 7.75 twist SS Kreiger barrel.
for the 200 and 300 yard line i use.... Lake City Brass, Small Rifle winchester standard primer, 24.5 grains of varget, 77 grain sierra match king moly bullet (for both rifles)
For the 600 yard line I use the same except for the bullet and brass. The bullet is 80 Grain Sierra match king moly bullet. the brass is NEW winchester.
For my .308 BOLT gun target rifle with a 1 in 10 twist Krieger SS barrel
I use as follows.
for the 800, and 900 yard line (PALMA match)
R/P NIckle plated brass (long story how i ended up with Nickle brass),
Standard large rifle winchester primers.
44.0 grains of varget
175 grain sierra match king moly bullet
for the 1000 yard line I move the load up to 45.0 grains of varget and the bullet stays supersonic.
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