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    The Favored gun of mine is the Mark V .257 weatherby magnum fired with 117 grain round nose bullets. The 257 is the perfect all around rifle. It knocks rifles sucb as the .270 and the 30-06 right out of their places. The gun is sided with incredAble accuracy and the range of a 22-250 the rifle can put some of the biggest and heartiest of game down flat. The rifle is sided with unbelievable knockdown power and penetration and not being limited by range or accuracy, this rifle is the king. But the rifle is limited to certain ammo. The other rounds make the rifle almost a .223 but when this rifle is sided with the 117 grain round nose it is almost comparable to a 300 Winchester short mag but with the trophy saving capabilities of the .243. If your looking for a perfect all around
    Gun then this gun can take out just about anything you can put in front of it.