Favorite full-size high-cap .45?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by CHLChris, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    I'd like a companion .45acp for my single-stack Kahr PM45. I kinda moved away from the 1911 platform to pay for some other firearms, and now I'm thinking 8 rounds just ain't enough.

    I'd like a full-size handgun in .45acp with 13 or more rounds and more than a 4" barrel.

    Para Ordnance P14-45? (I'd love another 1911, but the grip is huge)
    Springfield Armory XDm45? (I have a XDm9 4.5" and love it)
    FN FNP45? (The grip looks just right for my smaller hands)
    Glock 21? (I guess it should be on the list...)

    The HK USP is a little expensive...

  2. rugerjazzkohai

    rugerjazzkohai New Member

    My wife bought me a Rock Island 1911a2 double stack 45 for my bday and I was hooked to the 1911. I sold my polymer guns and now just have 1911s. For $550 I love this gun. I have others that double or triple the price but it's still my favorite and is my go to for my home self defense. Used to conceal carry it but found it too heavy for what i do. I have some YouTube clips of my range time with it. I plan on getting another. I never fired it but liked the feel of a para ord warthog which is both concealable and more bullets in the mag.

  3. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I have really enjoyed my Springfield XD45 with the 5" barrel. It holds 13+1. I have had zero failures and use inexpensive ammo.
  4. 007BondJamesBond007

    007BondJamesBond007 New Member

    You do not carry extra magazines? Remember 13 rounds do get heavy. When you fire the first shot most bad guys retreat with their tails between their legs. They talk tuff until you shoot back and you hear OH $Hit.
  5. chewchew

    chewchew New Member

    I have several including the XD but the FN is my favorite and it's not that heavy...to me anyway...it could be to some people though.:eek:
  6. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    The only reason I say "8 is not enough" is that FOR THIS PARTICULAR PURPOSE I'd like a high-cap .45 pistol. I already have a single-stack .45, and I sold my Kimber 1911 to pay for it.

    I'm not anti-1911, in fact I am really hoping that this thread convinces me to go double-stack 1911.

    One major plus, orangello, for the XD over the XD(m) is availability of duty-style holsters. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I'm glad nobody has said Glock...
  7. Paladin201

    Paladin201 New Member

    I don't like high cap (double stack) 45s because they are just too big and clumsy for my hands. But if I was going to buy one I'd get a Para Ordinance double stack 1911.
  8. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    my choice is the xdm 4.5 but the 5.5 is pretty sweet. another good choice is the cz97BD in 45acp that is one super sweet soft shooter for 45acp. the gun is huge though and heavy but its very accurate
  9. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    There are three full-framed 45acps that I really like. That would be a 1911 Gov, Sig P220, and SA XDm45.

    Obviously, the XDm is the only one that addresses your desired capacity. I'm 100% satisfied with my XDm45. Enough so that I'll probably add both the XDm45 3.8 compact shortly, and eventually XDs45 when it comes out in a few months. If they were currently running one of their free mag promos, I'd buy the compact tomorrow.
  10. SSGSF

    SSGSF New Member

    You could get a glock 21 SF They have 13 or 10 round mag . But IMOP I would go with the HK you could find one used for around 600$
  11. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    JonM, the CZ97B is only 10+1. I'm not sure why their design is so limited in terms of capacity, but it is. That kinda take it out of my list. Otherwise I would just go with a 1911 Gov.

    The XD 5" is starting to look really good because of the price and barrel length. The XDM 5.25" has funky sights for use outside of competitions and the range. I'm a little concerned still about the grip size on all of these.
  12. Broke124

    Broke124 New Member

    I have the FNP tactical and the competition model. I couldn't be happier. 15+1 rnds of .45 is a lot of fire power. Recoil is extremely manageable and they have the interchangeable backstraps.

    "...rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." /G\
  13. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Have you taken a look at STI?
  14. DustyDawg48

    DustyDawg48 New Member

    I know you said you've taken the CZ off of your list due to it's 10+1 capacity but if I may suggest the M&P45, very similar to the 1911 though it is a 10+1 standard. I believe 13 or 14-round magazines are available.

    From your list I am a huge fan of the Glock 21. Mine is about 3 years old and while not a bunch it has over 5,000 rounds of all sorts of ammo through it without a hitch. It is a wide-body but the gun just simply shoots, shoots softly and shoot very well. Mags, holsters and just about every other conceivable accessory is available for it without much hassle.

    Those 2, the G21 and the M&P45, are my favorite pistols even over my 1911 which had been my baby for a long time!
  15. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    The Glock 21 is excellent. I've owned one for nearly 15 years. I replaced the factory barrel with a cut rifled barrel to make it easier to clean after shooting cast lead bullets.
  16. bostonscottkelly

    bostonscottkelly New Member

    Glock 21.....2nd gen with countless thousands of rounds. No malfunctions....this is an awesome weapon
  17. CHLChris

    CHLChris New Member

    Something I have been VERY surprised by is the weakness of the accessory market for the Springfield XD/XDM line when compared to the market for Glock accessories. Especially holsters. I'm not talking about IWB or other concealed holsters, though. I'm just talking about low-ride OWB holsters, such as duty holsters of drop-leg thigh holsters. Almost every such holster has a Glock 21 model, but only a few few have an XD45 model and almost none have a specific XDM45 model.
  18. Phelenwolf

    Phelenwolf New Member

    I love my XD45 Service and Compact models. They are a great high capacity light weight .45 caliber pistol. Never been a fan of the Glock. Everyone swears by them but they are not for me. I even looked in to a S&W M&P. I have a Sig P220 that was one of my first CCW handguns, but if you are looking for a high cap .45 you will have to look at a different pistol. I thought about getting a Para P-14 but due to it size and weight I went a different route. Now I carry XD45C or a Sig P226R in 9mm. Good luck in your search, but with it really comes down to it what you are comfortable carrying and more important, what you can shoot.