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God Bless this father his wife and family! Not only for standing up for the issue that we support which he did.
But the proof is before us. He is truly an American and a gentleman of strong character and not a selfish individual as most we see today. It would be very easy with all the hurt for him to have been angry and attack everything involved with his son's death including the rights of others, ours and his Second Amendment Rights. But he did not! He respected our rights as well as his!
Regardless of the severe hurt and pain he was in and experiencing while speaking regarding the loss of his precious son. He still respects the rights of others and realizes that the issue is deeper than an inanimate object. (Guns) It is the trend progressing in this country that is eroding societies values morals and principles including violence! Also mental illness that today goes hidden behind closed doors until an horrific event occurs! Which nothing or very little is done at all to prevent the situations until it is too late. Parents that are selfish who would hide a child's mental conditions behind doors or attempt to pacify the child so "They are not embarrassed!" Or to avoid a confrontation resulting from being a responsible parent and taking needed action! Once again some of the selfishness of some Americans. Not realizing they certainly are not helping their loved one either. As of late which resulted in them killing innocent people and then taking their life. Everyone looses by their selfish acts. Only some thoughts! I really and truly respect this gentleman!
We should have more Americans like him! Once again God Bless him and his family as well as the other families effected. Our hearts go out to them all!

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