Father murders wife, son, and self

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    This is a horribly sad story and I mean no disrespect to those affected or their family members.
    As sad as this story is it just reinforces the fact that it's not the weapon but the mental issue of the person. He shot his wife and younger son with a crossbow, tried to shoot his older son with the same crossbow but missed then tried to choke him, he then took his own life with a knife.
    A crossbow, his own hands, and a knife. NO gun. But somehow in the absence of a gun he still managed his psychotic violent rampage. The man obviously had mental issues that caused him to do this. The presence, or lack of, a gun did not have anything to do with it.
    If we really want the violence to stop (or more realistically greatly reduce) let's start looking at the real issue.

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    Damn!! That's sure crazy.

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    I am truly sorry, but we have had wackos around since forever.

    While the news media is out there (IMHO, encouraging copycats) beating the drum about the E-VUL fully automatix assaulting AK M15 black guns- the worst attack on school children in the US has been ignored.

    A member of the school board took months to pack the basement of the school with explosives. He killed his wife, set fire to his farm, blew up the school, waited for the first responders and blew up his truck.

    38 children were killed, along with 6 adults, and 58 were injured. Casualties would have been worse, but explosives in the other wing of the school failed to detonate.

    By the way- that was in 1927.

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    Very good point! I did not know about this.
    And I'm positive the "Copy Cat" & "They will remember me" people are caused from the sensationalization of other events.
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    Wow i never knew about this c3. This is truly a case of mental instability. So sad.