Fantastic bowie knife ready to haft

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    I laid one of my special elk antler handles with two diamond-shaped faux pearls in its fancy wood end cap on the tang of a Classic Patrick Henry Bowie blade blank.
    An attached photo should give you some idea of how the completed knife will look, however, I'll re-adjust the handle's position and shorten it as needed. The 9-inch blade blank is fabricated from 440C High Carbon Stainless Steel and features a fancy, double-ended matching guard and exquisite file work on its top.
    The blade blank measures 1 3/4-inches at its widest point and is RC 57-58. The knife is $165.00, and that includes shipping. My niche of expertise, I'll cut and grind the blade's full tang into a hidden tang deeply inserted into the antler handle and permanently attached with industrial-strength epoxy.
    I'll provide a custom, handmade sheath for it at cost plus shipping, if desired, and I've attached a photo of it. I also have handmade wooden display stands available for $20 plus shipping. I've attached a photo of a knife I previously made and sold with the same blade blank for your consideration. Call or text Randy at 402-304-1422.
    Thank you very much.

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