Family Legacy - Winchester Model 70, 300 H+H Magnum chambered Weatherby

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by XGrunt, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. XGrunt

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    This week, my father has passed down to me, the family legacy. Grandad's Winchester Model 70, 300 H+H Magnum, chambered for the Weatherby cartridge.
    Pristine condition, along with about 100 rounds, 20 empties, reloading dies, and primers.

    I am 50 years old now, and have salivated over this beauty for 3 decades. Grandad purchased it new in New York city in 1953, and about two years later had it re-chambered for the Weatherby cartridge.

    Pop was talking about selling his rifles it to buy a pistol, and I was heartsick.
    I knew I couldn't afford to pay him what he could sell it for, and had resigned myself to never possessing this fine firearm. He also has a sweet Marlin 336 square-bolt, that I remember him taking deer with in Michigan when I was a kid.
    I took my Thompson 1911 .45 down to offer him a trade for the 336, figuring I could at least keep that rifle in the family.
    Dad suggested that I might rather trade for the 300! I told him it was worth a lot more than the pistol. ( I wouldn't cheat my Dad for it.)
    Dad said, "I know, but I would be pleased to pass the family legacy on to you, because I know you will keep it, care for it, and shoot it, like it deserves." You just gotta' love a guy like that.
    The icing on the cake? He says, "You will probably get the 30-30 one day too, for the same reason."
    Life is good my brothers and sisters in arms. Life is good. :)
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    It's always nice when you can pass a firearm down the family tree and keep the tradition going on.It also sound like a real nice rifle to be the owner of!

  3. mrb1982

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    that's a great story. People who don't own firearms or have never had any experience with any situations involving them, would only see the monetary side of the situation. When I hear stories like this i brings a smile to my face

    I have all of my dad's guns and none of my sisters have given me any flack about it. They would most likely just hock them anyways, so if they want them they will probably have to pry them from my cold, dead hands. hahahha
  4. aandabooks

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    We have a Winchester Model 70 .30-06 in the family heirloom. I will never get my hands on it. Two of my uncles are in line for it before me. My grandfather bought it in 1941 just before he went to war with the Navy.

    It's not always the value of the gun but sometimes guns just have sentimental value because of who used them before you.

    Congrats on getting a great gun. I hope your son/daughter will be as proud to own it one day as you are.
  5. CA357

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    Congratulations, I'm very happy for you.