False Alarms

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    I was wondering who all has had false alarms where they have heard something that caused them to go into defense mode and ready their gun.

    I just had one, and my heart is still beating at 100 mph. I was coming in from the garage (had just steped out there for a second) and I heard this loud bang. At first I though something in the garage had fallen over so I checked, Nope. The dog was barking in the direction of the hall so I decided to check. So I make it to my room (with a very large, very sharp butcher knife in hand), grabbed the ol 30-06 (I have not bought a working (safe to use) shotgun yet, and cannot buy a hand gun for another year and a half so the 06 will do for now.) and then proceed to checking the house. Well, eventually I found the source of the noise. A body wash bottle had fallen off a shelf in the shower. :mad:

    Before anyone say anything about me going "hunting" insted of calling the cops, I know I should of, but my first instict was to get the gun. I didn't think about calling the cops until I was already about done searching the house (which ony took 1 minute).:rolleyes:
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    I have heard a few things that go bump in the night that shouldn't. A couple have gotten the blood pressure up a bit, but grapped the gun, checked the doors, thankfully has always turned out to be nothing.

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    I live in a subdivision on a cove. We don't get a lot of traffic but kids are making noises and stuff like that. My 5 year old german sheperd is my barometer. He is good about the regular noises and knows most of the kids on the cove. His bed sits next to the front door and in front of a window that he can look out of. He will give me a short low wuff if someone he thinks does'nt need to be out front is. If they're coming to the door it is an all out bark. When we come home he is on his bed looking out. I know to look below the shade for him. Thus I am certain that the house is clear when we walk in.

    I play with him in the front yard or sometimes take the leaf blower to him when he sheds. On halloween he sat on the porch with me handing out candy to kids. Some were teen agers that may have been looking into houses when people open the door. I want the hoodlums to know he is there.