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Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by NGIB, Apr 5, 2010.

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    About 3 weeks ago, I get a PM on my local GA forum asking me if I want to sell my S&W 37 Airweight. I know this fella and I knew he had just sold his primary carry gun to cover some expenses. Since the 37 was nothing special to me, I sold him the gun with the pocket holster and extra set of grips for what I had in it.

    Yesterday morning I log onto the local forum and I have a very frosty PM from this fella accusing me of selling him a gun with a cracked frame. He went on to say he was changing out the grips to the other set a saw a crack in the frame near the bottom of the hammer slot. I answered, politely, that I hadn't seen any cracks and I'd be happy to refund his money.

    Whenever I pick up a new gun, especially if it's older, I always tear them down and give them a thorough cleaning & inspection. I was really mad at myself for missing a cracked frame on this one and felt bad that I might have done so. On my drive back to GA, I was thinking about this and wondering where the crack could have been for me to have missed it.

    Since he saw the crack with the grips off the gun, I started to think about this a little more. The first thing that came to mind was he was seeing the seam where the sideplate mates up with the frame, but I tossed that out because he knows a bit about guns and wouldn't make this mistake. Anyway, he calls me about 5 minutes after I get home and apologizes as he had just realized it wasn't a crack at all and it was indeed the sideplate seam that got him riled up. All's well that ends well and I guess my gun inspection skills aren't as bad as I feared...
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    You could say he jumped the gun! Lol.

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    You know what they say when people assume stuff. I would have been riled up being accused of something like that as well. However, some peoples motto is "mistakes will be made others will be blamed".