Falling back? Better ways might be what ya used to do?

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    Hello all, Ron L here - SERE SURPLUS

    I was thinking the other day and of late, as Far as My SURVIVAL PREPS, I've been "Falling Back"! What the heck does that mean ya say? I see it this way, I have Gone back To Firearms, tools, weapons and other gear I know work, I have used ithe past and somehow Fell out of use with?

    Being a Modern guy, I do Enjoy my modern Conviniences and all, that has somehow allowed me to drift away from some way and means I used to rely on! I've paid off all My Credit items, I don't own my own house but will soon, I have cut down to 1 Vehicle but do more of my own work! I sold off a few Double upped Pistols and Rifles and fell back to my Roots! I Once again own a 22 Rilfe one Old enought to shoot Longs, shorts and long Rifle! I replaced a second AR-15 with a Rem 870 Shotgun with Riot barrel as well as 28" Barrel for game! I have Parred down my Cutlery and Other than the Kukuri I need to replace I have once agaoin fell back to those items that have serves me and workj! I Upgraded a Old Ka-Bar with a newer one with a Krylon handle and Kydenex sheath! I have replaced a few Smaller Axes and Hatchets and sold off a few of my Multiple Chain saws! I have sold a lot of my Many Military type rifles but kept 1 of each enough to serve my needs, pay off my Debt and Buy more "REAL GEAR"! I have all the Camping and pack gear I need and I am slowly replacing all the canning items I let go or went south? Many of the Replacements have Been from yard sales and Roadside stands and Flea markets the $ difference is amazing if you watch it?

    I am looking for a Replacment Generator, I will also try and fall back to More Solar Pannels and items to run the "Alternatives" when they work? I am looking to rig a modified solar water heater for the Suimmer Months and when the sun will do a lot of what we pay for and can modify existing Trash to serve our needs? "Falling back" is a lot what Folks inthe Depression did and I in no way compare our situation now to that yet, I see some lessons one can learn from and in some cases Re-learn? Never too old to learn or to teach others? Ya might find yourself learning from those your looking to teach?

    Now that I see my stocks of Ammunition may not be enough are kore than many have and will serve my needs if I conserve and don't waste what i have?
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    Well, to some extent, I have been "falling back" for some years, and on the cheap at that.

    Yes, I have a nice battery powered drill. Useful as all get out. As long as I have 120AC to charge it. But walking thru local junk shop one day, ran across a nice brace-and-bit, and a handful of bits for it. For $5. No power needed, and works great. Have a nice chain saw, get good use of it (we live in the country, have to manage damaged/ dieing trees, and burn wood) But I also have a bowsaw. Good Swedish steel, sharpened and set. Farm auction. $2. Got an electric coffee maker- but still have a stainless percolator that works on anything hot, from a wood stove to a campfire.

    I LIKE older tools and equipment. I shop carefully, and am willing to look at gently used or fixable items. Have the chance to practice now and again due to hurricanes, ice storms, etc. Still recall the things my grandparents did (non-electric farm country household until 1965).

    Hurricane came thru this area, flattened much of the power grid. Daughter called from in town, wanted to know if she could bring her little girl out to our place- they had no power. Told her they were both welcome to come and stay as long as they wanted, but we had no power either. Her reply was "Dad- you LIVE for this crap!" Confused, asked her what she meant? She asked "What did you have for breakfast?" " Um, coffee, biscuits, ham and eggs, hashbrowns... Why?" "I had cold oatmeal- you LIVE for this crap!" :p



    Thanks man

    Thanks C3Shooter, well said, I follow many of the same routines you stated here, I have many that look to us in a disaster, but in a way that can be a down fall? I like my power tools and toys, but in the end, can and will do without them and try to keep hand in so I can! Good additions of items man and thanks for responding to my silly little post!

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    It's not a silly post but rather good advice. Most times we tend to want to get to fancy instead of practical
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    While having a full array of hand tools is a good thing in case of emergency, I don't see myself using them until an emergency hits. Living in a village, and being in the oil business, I don't burn wood anymore. I used to burn 7 cords a year, and I don't think it would be possible to cut 7 cords of wood with a bow saw or an ax. I know it was done in the old days, but in the old days, cutting wood was one aspect of your full-time job. These days no one has the time to dedicate to the chores which defined life in 19th century America. Necessity is the mother of invention, and the chain saw and power tools became necessities as life's pace increased. I built a small 12 x 16 cabin in the woods using strictly hand tools because I had no power there. I bought a cordless 18v mini-circular saw to rip the plywood for the roof (which couldn't cut more than 4' without killing the batteries). Half way through the construction I developed a lot of respect for the carpenters who built my 100 yr. old house. And back then a 2 x 4 WAS 2 inches by 4 inches!
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    If the SHTF ever happens I have no intention of fighting a war from a so called strong hold in the woods. My main objective is to live long enough to get my **** together and figure out what to do from there.

    Depending on what type of SHTF we are talking about will dictate what actions I take. If it is a natural disaster I will sit tight here at home and make the best of my situation that I can. If it be an economical collapse I will also stay put where I am and do what it takes to survive until the economy gets better.

    If it is an invasion by a foreign government, our own government or zombies, then I will be on what ever front lines fighting as best as I can. Hiding from the war does not help to secure our country, our liberties, and our freedoms. In my opinion making a strong hold in the hills amounts to a great big target panted on you, a government can wait you out or simply gas you until all are dead or give up.

    Heading to the hills if we are invaded is ok, but find others that are willing to form a strike force and get with it so we can show the enemy the exit from this heaven sense they are from hell and don’t belong here.

    That all being said one might think about just where they are going to go in the hills. One needs a few routes to the location your going. Sense which ever government is after us they more then likely will be watching known routes to and from where one lives. Have an alternate or two. Plane for no vehicle to get you there, just incase. If you own the land where you are going to, you can always burry needed extra supplies and tools for making life easer before hand in the general location.

    That nice porta potty that I really hate to give up can be located in my area before the invasion happens. When I arrive then I can dig it up and have something to plant my *** on without getting splinters in it. The same with heavy tools that would make life so much easer in the woods.

    Be prepared to take your land away from squatters that may have had the same idea as you about running to the hills. Remember that many people say they will head to the hills, and if we have roughly 85-90 million gun owners that are planning on heading to the hills if our government invades us, then the hills is going to be just a tad bit over crowded and game my not be as plentiful as it was the weeks before the invasion.

    If you plan on burring weapons and ammo so osamaobama and his putrid ilk can not find them and confiscate them then burry them in your area you plan on going to. Sense he can not just do this in one day we will have I believe ample warning to get things read.

    Just my thought in this