FAL clone or CETME

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    There are a couple clones of these platforms out there and I've been putting some cash aside for a new purchase. It's going to be one or the other. Now, while I have had the opportunity to shoot both, I'm not too old to listen to the opinions of others. Though, I admit, I am pretty old.

    My buddy has an FAL, for which he paid about $1500. Nice gun, throws big chunk of lead moving fast, surprisingly low recoil, and it's pretty accurate for a semi auto.

    Another shooter I know has a CETME 308 Sporter. I first had the opportunity to fire this weapon when he complained to me that it was jamming. as something of an amateur smih, I agreed to take a look at it. Tore it apart and scrubbed a couple hundred rounds worth or carbon out of the breech and chamber and it functioned flawlessly when I took it to the range with about 100 rounds of the South African surplus. Kicks a little harder.

    The FAL is a little longer and as something of a treestunp in general build, I prefer a shorter weapon so the CETME is a little more appealing there. Both will accept a scope. I like my optics.

    So, I've got it down to one of these two. Someone suggested the AR-10 in 7.62x51 but I don't care for the AR package. Nothing wrong with it, but personal preference, I just don't like 'em. Spent too much time working on one (for the same guy that has the CETME) and it just seems like there is always something going wrong with it.

    I'd consider an M1A type package, but they are an order of magnitude up from what I want to spend. And with the action you tend to have to go with the forward mounted scout scope and then your optics choices are limited, unless you really want to spend the bucks. And I am notoriously tight-fisted when it comes to parting with the cashola.

    So, for about $700, (more than a CETME, and about what you'll pay for a cheaper FAL, the CIA for example) who has a preference.

    Both platforms have a lot going for them so I'd like to hear you opinions.
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    Ive handled and shot both rifles, i prefer the CETME myself