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    how do you know when it is really the police if you are pulled over

    in houston there were cases of people posing as police pulling over people and robbing them also people have kicked in doors yelling "police, get down" when not actually being the police creating the illusion needed to begin a robbery

    how is it possible to find out if its actually the police how would you know it wasnt really them if someone kicked in your back door and said that
  2. Bidah

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    In a no knock raid, you don't. Since I am a good citizen, I have to assume that someone kicking in my door and yelling are there to rob me and not the police. You lose either way depending on the outcome.

    In a car pull over scenario, if you are suspect, call 911 and ask.


  3. Varro

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    We had a similar situation in our town a few months back...The PD advised citizens when in doubt about a being stopped, for example; unmarked cars: head to nearest police station or to a well-lighted convenience store & go inside. If they are legit; they will understand....
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    In a traffic stop situation I recommend slowing to a slow rate of travel and immediately calling 911. The dispatcher will advise you if its a legit pull over attempt or not and if not they can advise you of the best action to take and also get help to you immediately if you are in trouble.
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    Some good advice, but calling 9-1-1 in a big city can take a long time, plus the call taker is likely not the radio dispatcher, and there will be some confusion. Although it is unsafe to do so, not all officers call in their stops.

    If you're not sure, look for a well lighted public place like a 7-11, or similar. Roll down your window and try to signal the officer that is what you intend to do. If you suddenly see two police cars behind you, you can probably assume they are legit. Be prepared for a hostile approach by the officer, and give him / her a chance to vent. Remain calm and follow directions, because you may not know why the officer tried to stop you in the first place. Your car may match one that has been used in several robberies, or drive-by's.
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    Good question..

    In one town I used to live in they had an un-marked durango with some LED-bars from radio-shack. If it had gotten behind me before I was familiar with it, I would have thought it was kids F*ing around, no-question and taken off. I mean, this was SO BAD, it didn't even qualify for a judgment call in my mind.

    911 is hit or miss. I've been in a 40,000 person town where they were on-point, and in the next 1,000 person town the regional-911 wasn't familiar with the one major artery through town (it was a MAJOR state-highway..).

    Still I would call 911 in a toss-up. There's an email scam claiming you should call some secret *231 number or something instead. It's just another internet hoax though, so don't.

    I've driven up to a mile to find a commercial parking lot. The cop was annoyed at first, but I pointed out it was HIS safety not mine, and he couldn't argue with that.
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    I would recommend you roll down the window and wave/motion to the "officer", slow down, turn on the dome light and proceed to a well lit area. Call 911 for sure. Do not disconnect. Explain the situation and leave the phone connected (lay it on the passenger seat or console). Do not get out of the car unless ordered to do so. Keep both hands open on steering wheel. Remain calm. Fake Police likely will not follow you into well lit public area.