Fake Philly cop carries gun illegally

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    ...and he's anti-gun for the rest of us. Click on link below for more links to videos, etc.

    Is uncertified ‘top Philly cop’ breaking gun laws he’d break us for?
    David Codrea
    Gun Rights Examiner

    “He carries a gun, he displays a badge, he wears a uniform, but Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey is not a certified police officer, technically speaking, and shouldn't be armed, badged and uniformed,” Stu Bykofsky reported last month on Philly.com.

    Dismissing a violation of Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes as “a loveably Philly mishmash,” Bykofsky seems unconcerned that hapless non-police gun owners are mashed most unlovingly in the City of Brotherly Love. (Warning: Vile language on the part of the "public servants" who swore an oath to support the Constitution, but instead decided it appropriate to threaten the life of a citizen while ordering him to “Shut the **** up” and calling him foul names.)

    Bykofsky also seems fine with the hypocrisy of an official who testified in front of Congress against the right of the people to bear arms carrying a gun himself—even though he is evidently legally unqualified.

    Additionally, unless Ramsey has the proper license in “a city of the first class” (i.e., Philadelphia), carrying a firearm on his person or in his vehicle, or on public streets or property, he would appear to be breaking the law up to the level of multiple felonies—every day.

    Without being certified, is it customary for LEOs to get licensed like “ordinary” people? Is it likely someone who admits his predecessors weren’t certified, so he put it off himself, would take that extra step?

    Would it be dismissed as “irony” if he were not one of the exalted “Only Ones,” treating gun laws as they apply to himself “with a mischievous laugh”?

    Why don’t we ask Mark Fiorino?

    Oh, wait: “Authorized Journalist” Stu Bykofsky already weighed in on that, and he failed to see the irony.

    Uncertified Commissioner Ramsey didn’t much like it, either (see sidebar video player).
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    I am surprised this wasn't in our local news.

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    Really, your surprised!?!? REALLY!??!!?
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    Surely, you can't expect the law to apply to politicians, the politically connected, the rich, and the famous.