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    Fail of the day:

    Two days after a container ship smashed into another vessel and ran aground off India's coast near Mumbai, the container ship was still listing heavily Monday, the Associated Press reported. Officials were concerned about the environmental impact of oil leaks, according to AFP, which said 33 crew members were rescued.

    One police officer fell off a patrolling speedboat and drowned, however, because neither the officer nor colleagues knew how to swim, a police spokesman told AFP.

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  2. spittinfire

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    How smart is it to patrol open waters and not know how to swim? Couldn't he even doggie paddle?

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    We can file that under "seriously, how in the **** did you manage to do that?"
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    Shouldn't that be a prerequisite for any position on the water?
    Crazy *** Injines.

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    Heck, they make flotation devices made for those who can't swim. It is always an epic failure when people go on the water in crafts and can't swim.

    I was a lifeguard and WSI certified. It always amazes me whenever anyone does not learn to swim. It is so easy to learn the basics of floating and moving in the water especially if you wear a proper life vest in the correct manner. They even make them that will ensure your whole breathing area (face for those too slow) will be above water even if you are knocked out. I keep them close when I fish a few miles from shore on Lake Erie.

    For those who might not know. If you are in a boat wearing normal clothes and your find yourself in the water, unexpectedly:

    1. Kick off your shoes!! Even flip-flops can weigh you down.

    2. Your clothing can be made into floatation devices if you are not wearing one.

    2a. If wearing pants, take them off. Tie the legs into a knot. (can do each individually or tie together.")

    2b. Button the waist and zip the zipper.

    2c. Air can be forced into the pant legs(s) by quickly swiping them over your head while holding onto the waist band and forcing the waist underwater...or, by holding onto the waist band with one hand and splashing water toward the opening. The spashed water traps air and the air floats up into the pant leg(s)

    2d. Shirts can be done the same way. Think about it. Long sleeved ones work best, but even "wife beater" can be turned a personal air catching floatation device.

    3. If you can't swim, LEARN TO TREAD WATER AND TO STAY CALM!

    3a. If you don't use your legs you will drown.

    3b. Most drowners panic. When panic sets in, the legs are forgotten in the paniced attempt to live.

    4. You don't need to be an Olympic swimmer to be able to survive in the water.

    Basic skills can be learned at most "Aquatic Centers" and through the YMCA. The American Red Cross used to have extensive training of lifeguards and swimming instructors, but I believe that they don't do that anymore due to a financial crunch. I was Red Cross Certified at 15, but originally passed the class when I was 12. WSI was not certifiable until 17, and it had to be renewed every 2 years. It also required so many hours of teaching lessons during that 2 years of certification.

    I can teach anyone how to tread water and to be calm. I used to teach lifeguards. I can't do the butterfly.
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    I can swim fine, was "forced" to learn at the tender age of 5......parents and lifeguard at YMCA picked me up and tossed me in the deep end....:rolleyes:

    my biggest fear in the water? Being attacked by sharks. Especially when I'm swimming in pools. Yes, as in the back-yard variety. Dont ask me why, or how this started. Always feel like those black eyes are watching me from behind.....:eek: