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    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I looked up the info and was having a discussion about it with my brother and thought I would share here. Many of you probably have already seen it, but anyway...

    This is from the CDC website, info for 2010, apparently 2011 and forward numbers are not finalized yet. Hope that doesn't mean altered! :)
    I give total numbers and the percent of total deaths in US, just some figures that jumped out at me. Thought it interesting that you are almost as likely to die from falling as being shot.

    Deaths by Posoning 42,917 1.74% of total deaths
    Deaths by car accidents 35,332 1.43%
    Deaths from a fall 26,852 1.09%

    Total Deaths by firearms 30,470 1.23%

    but homicides by firearms are only 11,078, or 36.4% of all deaths by firearms

    19392, or the balance were suicides, and total suicides were 38,364, so only 50.55% of suicides were with a firearm.

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    Keep digging. You'll find more stuff that would make a standard issue gun hater **** their pants.

    How many of those gun deaths were accidents? Malfunctions?

    Look at how many are beaten to death with hands and feet.

    As I said, keep digging, there's more ;)

    WE know that gun ownership is no different than hammer ownership. Oh wait, yes it is... You're more likely to be beaten to death with a hammer (blunt instrument deaths outnumber gun deaths).

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    Accidental discharge of a firearm 606
    legal intervention (police?) 412
    smoke/fire 2,782
    accidental poisoning 33,041, the rest of the poisonings I listed above were intentional I assume

    Honestly, I am shocked at how many people die of poison every year!
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    So-called "gun deaths" include police shootings and justified shootings by citizens. ( citizen shootings usually are 2X to3X the number of police shootings.)