Factory loads for 308

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by hunter2009, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Hey guys i ordered my new x bolt in a 308 yesterday and i was wondering what ammo i shoot start with in shooting. the gun will be mainly for deer and bear looking for a good all around shell. i was looking at the winchester xp3 150 grains. also another thing i was wondering about is break in. i know that some people do some people dont and im tore between. thanks for any advice.
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    Hunter,I usually do a small break in on a new barrel.I shoot 1rd & clean the barrel for the first 10rds,then shoot a group of 5 & clean.I usually do that for several groups.It's time consuming,and a PIA to do.
    The main thing is to not get the barrel too hot,let it cool between shots.Even if you don't do a break in on the barrel,Let it cool between shots.

    As far as ammo goes,you'll just have to find out what the gun likes to shoot.Each rifle shoots different,the ammo my 308 likes might shoot like crap out of yours.
    Most premium ammo today usually shoots decent out of production rifles.I load all of my ammo,so each rifle has loads tailored to what they like to shoot.

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    If bear is on the menu, try 165gr and above.