Facebook is anti-gun according to Gun Owners of America.

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  1. ColtFellow

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    Here is an email to me from GOA as follows:



    Gun Owners of America’s Jordan Stein did an interview with Concealed Nation to recruit 2A activists to help win the Georgia run-off elections.

    But within 24 hours after the video was posted, it was CENSORED from our Facebook page without a warning or explanation.

    We cannot roll over and surrender to anti-gun censors. Our God-given rights are on the line.

    That’s why we are taking immediate action to bypass the online censors and draft radio and video ads to WIN the Georgia run-offs.

    This isn’t the first time we’ve been censored.

    An article we authored about Kamala Harris’ radical anti-gun agenda was censored for having “false information,” but when one journalist, John Crump from Ammoland, even dared to inquire about it, Facebook deleted his account and banned him for life.

    Facebook even threatened to censor anyone who dared to defend Kyle Rittenhouse -- the teenager who was thrown in jail for protecting his riot-torn community in Kenosha with an AR-15.

    In fact, mobile carriers have even blocked our past text messages simply because they mention the word “GUN” in them.

    Anti-gunners’ attempts to censor anyone who defends our God-given rights reinforce why we MUST win the run-off elections.

    If you think censorship is bad now, just imagine how terrible it would be under a potential Biden-Harris Administration colluding with an anti-gun House and Senate.

    They would be able to wage an unrestrained war on our Second Amendment rights and NO ONE would have the freedom to speak up.

    Losing these elections in Georgia is simply NOT an option.

    An America where we cannot even use our free speech.

    Tim Macy
    GOA Political Victory Fund

    P.S. This is a screenshot from the interview conducted on Concealed Nation that was censored from our Facebook page:

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  2. slow_burn

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    yeah, i got the same email minutes ago.

  3. ColtFellow

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    .....and I'm not about to send any money: I posted that message on my Facebook and commented at the bottom that if they want to shut down my account, they may please do it. I could have told Facebook to "F" off but I didn't.

    Perhaps Gun Owners of America should use YouTube to convey pro-gun messages.

    As a matter of fact, they do already:

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  4. Bigcat

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    Why not send money?? I sent approx 1000 USD in the past 7 days alone to the GA runoff election and project veritas.
    If just 10% firearms owners would commit like this then we would never have to worry about our rights again.
  5. G66enigma

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    Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and a few others with dominating user bases. They can certainly afford to "shape" and "mold" (read: censor) what appears on their sites in order to shape the "conversations" that occur. Control the language = control the debate.

    With patriotism. With RKBA. With defending against "cancel culture." With anything that speaks negatively against the nasty social trends currently "the thing."


    Myself: haven't ever done (and won't ever do) Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, AOL, Youtube (channel), Reddit, nor any other popular congregating spot for news/information. Too large, too controlling, too much of a "good" thing. But, that's me.
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  6. Ghost1958

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    It took them this long to figure that out???
  7. formerCav

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    what made you think that they were NOT anti gun?
    MOst of those outfits are. paypal.... capital one.....
    twitter.... etc etc..
    any of the big techs run by liberals are anti
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  8. locutus

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    Farce Book has been anti-gun since day one.
  9. MisterMcCool

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    Facebook marketplace prohibits firearms sales.
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  10. slow_burn

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    first, some of us are on a budget, especially those of us on a now fixed income.

    a mere $10 may be only 10¢ to some, but that $10, represents maybe a carton of eggs, milk, bread, several cans of soup, for a few days.

    as it is now, i cannot just run out and buy more ammo, i have to watch how i spend my money.

    i'd LOVE to buy another gun or two, but again, food, and now heating bills take over that mindset of spending money for the toys, rather than the needed things in life.

    i also always found donating money like playing the lottery..the odds of winning are millions to one.

    i donate NEVER to any political party or organization, beyond my membership fee for the year.

    they can take "some" of that membership fee and place it where they feel it is needed.

    especially when all one gets is a plastic "membership card", which cost like what, 4¢ to print up? what do they do with the rest of that membership money..????

    so for the record, i AM a member of GOA, as well as the NRA.....

    as well as in the past, a member of a trucking organizations, which also got NO extra monies from me during my time with them.

    there are way too many organizations that demand monies donated for thier cause.

    this is why i quit going to church decades ago.....i got sick and tired of their hands out, wanting me to put my money into it....

    after a while, it just gets sickening to hear...."donate...donate...donate"...

    my late dad used to say..."you want money..?????...go out and get a job"..

    kinda sounds about right.

    i ain't about to be retired, on a fixed income, needing things, and just give away the monies i earned from WORKING......

    i spend my money, my way.....and donating..ain't never gonna be none of them.
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  11. AgedWarrior

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    I have never had anything to do with Facebook, and I never will. The idea that Facebook is anti-gun is and has been pretty obvious to me. They oppose anything of traditional value because they are liberal and quite socialist leaning.
    I have been an NRA member for a lot of years, and GOA for sometime now also. Living on a fixed income I am careful and thoughtful as to where my money goes, and NRA is becoming a bit questionable nowadays. Not because I don’t want to give anything, but because I think they squander a lot of money the same way the government does. I have to pay taxes, but I don’t have to support the NRA.
    I still give support to two missionaries and I still give a tithe at my local church; in both cases I am involved in seeing that the money serves a good purpose. We could spend that money on ourselves, but we manage just fine and enjoy the giving.
  12. Trunk Monkey

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    Chickensandgoats.com Gospel for Asia
  13. Caveman Jim

    Caveman Jim Well-Known Member

    Well DUH, all large social media are breeding grounds for the Anti-Americans who desire to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

    If you must do social media try MEWE, nothing like the wicked Zukerbutt snake pit.
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  14. Sniper03

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    If you have any contact or belong to the Organization tell them to put it on PARLER
    Free Speech Website they will NOT SENCOR it at all. And a ton of people have switched to Parler from Facebook, YouTube and the other socialist inspired media.
    They can send out to everyone!!
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  15. Caveman Jim

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    I forgot to mention that one, top notch but like twitters platform but for adults, I need more coffee...:D
  16. 7point62

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    Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft...all run by Liberals.

    It used to be BITD that corporate CEOs were thought to be Republicans...and hence "evil." Not so today. The big shots from Bill Gates down are Leftists.

    As mentioned above, PARLER is a good alternative for frustrated American patriots.
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  17. MisterMills

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    Well of course it is anti-gun, it is probably anti-straight guys to.
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  18. towboater

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    Its anti-conservative
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  19. Notrighty

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    Facebook is for idiots and you all know that.
  20. ColtFellow

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    I have nothing against anybody's sexual orientation as long as children are not harmed and it is between two consenting adults. Underage non-sexual romantic relationships between two minors of the same sex is fine by me. Two underage boys or two underage girls should (shamelessly and without fear of bullying) be able go to a high school function as a senior prom or a dance holding hands, hugging and kissing as long as opposite-sex couples are allowed to show the same degree of affection. Same-sex couples should be permitted to display the same degree of affection publicly as opposite-sex couples are allowed to do, no more and no less. I don't approve the term "straight" for opposite-sex orientation. It implies same-sex-oriented people are "mistakes of nature".

    Here is a same-sex-oriented pro-gun site:

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