Facebook conversation if obama had right to order the killing of osama

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    i just had a conversation with some guy on facebook and it really just irratated me. im not going to use his name but we will call him mr. blue and me fatman and one other person mr green

    Mr.Blue - Did Obama break the law in killing Osama? (short answer, yes).

    Usama and Us - Fox Business Video - FoxBusiness.com

    What does our sordid history with terror mastermind Usama bin Laden mean for the way the U.S. conducts foreign relations?

    mr blue- Unbelievable!!!

    Mr. blue- More to the point, will it have the desired result? Rather the opposite, I fear.

    mr. blue- It doesn't seem to take long for the anti-Obama's to show up, piss in the punch bowl, insult the host and go home. That *** isn't even a good liar. :=)

    mr blue- It now emerges that Osama bin Laden was unarmed when he was shot at point-blank range by a brave Nave Seal. And he was not in fact sheltering behind his wife, despite the very positive assurances that he was. This crime is going to backfire severely.

    Mr blue Osama bin Laden killed: live - Telegraph

    Mr blue Assuming that he has in fact been killed. There seems some doubt.....

    Mr blue-, I agree. It is unbelievable that a president would approve a policy of assassination. I also thought it was unbelievable when his twin George W. Bush had the same policy.

    Mr blue, I would like to know what lies were spoken in that piece? And I would have pissed in the punchbowl of Bush had he used the same tactics.

    Mr blue-. It was my belief that he was killed in 2001 but they never had any proof so couldn't come forward. (see this article from 2001 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/afghanistan/1366508/US-casts-doubt-on-bin-Ladens-l...
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    mr green- First the anti Obama's, then the anti-Americans. The 3000 innocent Americans who died from his attack were unarmed. That of course bears no relevance from your point of view.

    Mr blue- Well, first of all are we sure that he was involved in the attack? The FBI never charged him with such. In fact, he's only ever been charged with the 1998 embassy bombing. If they had proof of his 9/11 involvement, don't you think that wo...

    mr green- As I recall Osama bin Laden declared war against the US in 1998. I believe that when GW Bush addressed the recent Congressional War on Terror declaration that he specifically said that our war on terror "specifically begins with Al Qaeda." Common sense dictated the outcome of Osama Bin Laden. Common sense as well as history and facts as usual are cast out the window and lost in any "political" discourse.

    mr blue- I'm not being political. My thoughts on the matter are party agnostic. Regardless, you cannot have a "war on terror" terror is a feeling. That's like having a "war on sadness". Should we should have a war on sadness with the outcome being...

    Fatman- we are not having a war on feelings we are having a war on people that cause and commit mass murder causing terror and unrest. calling it a war on terror is just a name just like world war 1 and 2 and desert storm. and i might not like obama but he didnt kill anybody the orders for osama's death where set in place by Bush and if i remeber correctly Clinton. I wish and hope people remeber just because osama's dead that there are 10 more maniac's to take his place. Can we catch and kill them all? I say no its time Everybody comes together christians and muslims and take a stand against the terorist of all shape size and idoilogy We are fighting A WAR ON TERROR people have the right to live in peace and not have to be scared some a hole is going to come and blow themselves up or kill you because of your beliefs. People have a right protect themselves from violence a...

    Mr blue- Terrorism cannot be fought on a battlefield. Terrorism can only be fought in the minds of those who hate us. Killing them is not a good way to make them hate us any less. Now I'm not saying we should not punish those who break our laws, ...

    fat man- USS Cole bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    fatman -just in case you all forgot

    mr blue. I'm not saying that Bin Laden was a good guy. I'm not even saying that he shouldn't be punished for what he did. But that doesn't mean we can declare war on a feeling and treat this like a battlefield scenario. We must seek out those that have wronged us according to the rule of law and do so in fair and judicious manner. If not, we are no better than Bin Laden.

    Fatman- Yeah but if you want to catch dirt you have to get dirty

    mr blue- No. No you don't. And more importantly, if we claim the moral high ground as we have, we cannot.

    Fatman- That is why the war has taken so long because politicans want to take the moral high ground and not let the military leaders do there jobs and get this job over with. If politicans would just let the Military do what they had to do we would have found him and killed him 9 years ago or even before then.
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    Here we go~

    Reference Mr. Blue. Obviously an attorney or a wanna be. Wanting job security and $$$$$$ is the main motive. How much do you think they would have gotten paid from we tax payers to defend Bin Laden the dirt bag? When $1.50 worth of ammunition took care of it. I am not saying all attorneys are bad. But the majority of them are Ambulance Chasers! As my great uncle who was a great prominent attorney stated. Only one in ten of the students graduating today from law school today should be given a law degree. Mr. Blue is obviously an attorney or thinks he is.
    Almost all positions in our government at the present is filled with you guessed it! Is there a problem?
    I do not agree with Obama on almost all issues normally. But I must give credit where credit is do. He had the Balls enough as Bush did after the Towers, to follow through and tell Team 6 and the Operatives to go for it. As well as the Seals and the Pirate incident. With Bin Laden, we are not dealing here with a common citizen. So lets get off the legal rights BS. We were dealing with a mass murderer and war criminal. And in my book he has no rights! Now we need to do the same to the two American traitors that are assisting the al qaeda at the present! Two to the chest and one to the head! God Bless the Seals and Operatives. The next thing, the idiots will want to do is prosecute the Seals or some of our military for doing a great deed for humanity. We shouldn't even give the ambulance chasers an ear or any consideration regarding their allegations or complaints. If they do not like the operation and the fact the objectives ultimately were to protect Americans, our Country, men, women and children. Then why don't they go find a new country to live in! 3500 innocent peoples death at the instruction of Bin Laden in the past compared to one dirt bag mass murderer biting the bullet to the head! Who gives a D---- about the dirt bag! 99% of Americans do not. In Fact we are rejoicing. Should be a few more soon!!
    Retaliation? Possibly! But the terrorist organizations are just like the crime families. They try to rule by fear! If we do nothing we will suffer anyway in the long run when dealing with terrorists and their agenda. The war is already ON so we only have one option to fight and win. As the Crusades did many years ago in History.
    That's my view and I am sticking to it! God Bless America! Mess with us and the sleeping giant will eventually raise his head! And he did in this case.


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    same thing happened with a me, got into it on fb about osama. kid was attempting to get everyone to admit that we should be respectful of the dead cause "osama was a person too"...that didn't fly too good with anyone. stupidity is a rampant disease in this country.
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    The internet is full of idiots ... FB just has more of a collection :D
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    All of these colors reminds me of Reservoir Dogs......