Fabricia Arms FR-8

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by molonlabe, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. molonlabe

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    I found one in a local pawn shop for 199 and Im thinkin about gettin it even though I dont want/need one that shoots ammo that expensive. It is a nice smaller rifle in the 7.62 NATO round and would be a good collectible piece for my newborn boys collection.

    Any thoughts or comments from folks that have one?
  2. jpattersonnh

    jpattersonnh Active Member

    You will be surprised at the accuracy. They are loud! If you have lots of mosquitos or black flies, the will all die from the blast/ concussion. We've gone out and they are thick. After the 1st round, not one to be seen. BTW, that is a good price these days.

  3. robocop10mm

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    The FR-8 used to be readily available for $150 at every gun show. The supplies dried up and the price has more than doubled (when you can find them). I picked mine up about 15 years ago fro $225 and thought myself lucky. Perfect condition. Many look rough, mine is sweet.