F.I.E. Titan .25 cal....... what do you know?

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    My mother in law has given me her F.I.E. Titan .25 cal to trade in on getting her a bigger caliber revolver like a .38

    Now from what she tells me, she has had it for over 25 years and has never shot it. She says it has been shot once and she gave it to me with the original box of bullets that came with and if was only missing 7 which is what the mag holds.

    Now me personally, I like this little pistol. I actually like it for her, she is 65, she hasn't shot this one and Probally won't shoot the next one either so I actually had some .25 hollow points (yes I did have .25 cal hollow points just lying around) so I cleaned the pistol up and loaded the magazine up with the hollow points.

    I think this pistols is a nice bed side just incase gun, especially now that I put the hollow points in it. But she wants something bigger but not too big. Like we went to the gun store and she was only interested in the compacts or subcompact not understanding that they usually are less accurate and have greater felt recoil.

    Just curious what you guys knew about these pistols and what do you guys think I should do about her wanting a " bigger " pistol when she has never used the one she has. I want to take her to the range and let her shoot it first and maybe rent a few and see how that goes.

    Here is what it looks like after I cleaned the dust off it.

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    I haven't the foggiest about it, but except for the grips it looks identical to my wife's Raven .25. The raven has a bad reputation & we haven't shot more that 2 boxes of ammo in it, but it's been flawless & pretty darn accurate at short ranges. We just took it to the range Thursday & shot some 30 year old Remingtons in it. I've heard they had a problem with slides cracking & safety issues.

    I'd consider it for pocket carry, but the safety seems to flip off so easily, so not sure I'd want to risk it.

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    well my vote is that she keeps it. the store if they even take it in trade will only offer maybe $ 25 for it.
    I could see why a revolver would be a better choice for her and if she can afford it then by all means get her a 38 special revolver.
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    But I also suggest that she shoots whatever she decides on. Simply having a gun doesn't ensure your safety.