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Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by FAV, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. FAV

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    I am right handed and right eye dominant from birth. Recently, I have developed wet mac in my right eye.

    It would seem that my brain is teaching itself to be left eye dominant. This means that a quick sight picture has me focused on the background and not the sights.

    Anyone else had a problem like this. I cannot learn to shoot left handed.
  2. hardluk1

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    I was right hand /right eye when young but as the years went buy I found I was right hand left dominant. Turns out I never thought to much about it and just shot left eye /right hand. Not untill I started to see all the chatter on these forums did i even think about it. Been that way now for 25 years more or less. I do find that again as time goes buy that the ability to transfer from front sight to target for defence does not work quickly enough and now practice out to 10 yards to Point Shooting only. I did find that changeing the front site to a red or green fiber optic helps tremendously for normal daylight range work. But for low light or night I practice point shooting also. I can group well enough at 10 yards to be comfortable . Still hunt with a handgun but have used a red dot for 25 or 30 years.

  3. RecklessRegard

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    I am right hand, left eye dominant. But, I hate shooting rifles and shotguns left handed; not saying I can't shoot lefty, I just don't like the way it feels. When I shoot rifles and shotguns, I use my right eye to aim. It was not easy to adjust to, but with practice and a lot of dry firing I was able get a good sight picture.

    My point is, just practice and your sight picture will come along.
  4. jyo

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    I am a right handed left eye guy---have shot long guns left handed my whole life---don't mind it at all.
  5. MrWray

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    I am left eye dominate, i shoot scoped rifles and shotguns left handed, and i shoot pistols and my M4 right handed
  6. Chainfire

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    My problem is that I am right handed, left eye dominant, but the vision in my right eye is better than my left.

    I tilt my head a tad to focus my left eye on the pistol sights. Since I can't do anything with my left hand, so I shoot rifles, with my non-dominant, but better vision, right eye.

    My problem, developing with age is the inability to see the sights with my glasses, and unable to see the target without my glasses. I take off my glasses to shoot rifles so that I can see the sights. So far, I have only winged two neighbors and 3 dogs; I am not sure of the identify of the last thing I heard hollering after a shot, but it sure wasn't happy.:)
  7. Alpha1Victor

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    I guess im lucky to be dual eye dominant:)

    Signing out, Alpha1victor.