Extremely new to this, need advice

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    So I am considering purchasing a hand gun. I live in Colorado and I would eventually want a concealed weapons permit.

    Here are my questions:
    1) I would like a handgun with good stopping power. What do you recommend?
    2) Whats the law in colorado regarding concealed weapons?
    3) I prefer quality over price. I understand the sig sauer is a quality gun. Anyone agree, disagree? Other recommendations regarding a quality brand?

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    First of all I think it would be wise to stop by the introduction forum/section, and tell a bit about yourself before you start to get heaps of comments from the other nice folks in this forum. We like to know who we are talking to. ;)

    Second, I will assume that you are new to guns – I dunno, I started out with a .22LR before I ever moved on to .38spl/9mm/.357Mag/.44Mag/45acp./10mm
    I shot .22LR for years, and became good at it before I moved on. Today I can pretty much pick up any handgun and make it work for me, e.g. I shoot IPSC with semi’s and revolvers and I’m doing fairly good.

    1) I think the overall consensus on this matter is to get a 9mm/.38Spl (go for the +P if possible) or better. Revolver or semi: That depends on you and a whole lot of other factors.
    2) Couldn’t tell you, I live in South America
    3) I have SIG’s and a Glock,… they all server their purpose and they are all good. I usually carry the SIG in the summertime, and something heavier in the wintertime

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    We'll need some more info before any of us can give you any good advice. As far as stopping power goes - it's an interwebz buzzword for the most part. Any handgun say .38/9mm and up will do the job as long as you do your part.

    As far as CO laws - I'd do a search and see if you have a local state 2A organization. Most states do and it's a great place to find out about the local laws. Then there's always:

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    Sig Sauer makes great quality guns. They cost a little more but they are totally worth it. I have other handguns that I like to shoot but when Im traveling with my wife and kid I take my sig p6 with me. I bought my sig used for 300 dollars. It was used by the german police for about 25 years and it never jams and is very accurate. You might still be able to find a used p6 at your local gun store or online for a good price.
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    God may use a .45, Cane, but open carry is legal in heaven!

    I'm a big fan of the .22's, because I can put 150 rounds downrange in an afternoon for under $10. The Ruger Mk III, Beretta Neos, and Browning Buckmark are all wonderful guns, and some people like the Sig Mosquito, too. 22 is little more than an annoyance to any determined, adrenaline-fueled attacker, though, so I wouldn't carry one.

    If you don't have a big budget and you want to be able to practice now and carry the same gun later, a 9mm semi-auto is probably your best bet. Take a look at the Smith & Wesson M&P, the Springfield XD and XDm, and the various Glock models, in addition to the Sigs. The polymer frames will be easier to carry, and probably cheaper than the Sigs, while maintaining the same level of quality.
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    I was personally impressed with the Taurus PT111 Pro 9mm.. Bought one for the wife and I end up carrying it because of size/weight and accuracy.
    Lifetime warranty also.
    Only had 2 stovepipe jams. 19 yr. old son limpwristed it..
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    lot of factors go into CCW carry. CCW guns which are generally lightweight small with small grips sort barrels etc are seldom fun guns to shoot. they generally tend to be unpleasent recoil heavy and difficult to control. light weight and short barrels lend to problems with learning.

    first thing you need is training.

    after taking some basic gun safety. i would recomend going to ranges that have rental guns and start renting different sorts and try them out. after trying many types then you can make a better more informed decision.

    CZ Sig Springfield all top makers with quality weapons good place to start.
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    I can't help with the laws in your area. Others have posted links to help.
    In my opion, the most important thing about a ccw is it must go BANG every time.
    With that in mind, I have never heard complaints from Sig owners. I have heard people complain about the price. Quality (and peace of mind) usually aren't cheap. I own several Sigs and consider them absolutely bullet proof. The traditional sigs were all metal, machined guns. The latest lines (sigpro, 2022, 2009) are polymer lowers with metal slides. The newest lines are much more economical to buy. You can buy a .40 cal 2009 form Bud's gun sales on line for $439 new. The older, traditional procucts ( 220, 226, 228, 229) will start at $750 new. Personally, I would not be afraid to buy a used Sig, because of the quality of the product. I own 2 Sigs which were used.
    Sig also offers .22 conversions for their traditional lines. This allows you to remove the slide from your gun, slide a different upper, barrel, and spring onto the same lower, and shoot the much cheaper .22 ammo. Saves a TON of money. This conversion is simple, and easy to do.
    I'm really not trying to sell you a Sig, but you did ask specificly about them..
    As I said reliability needs to be your biggest concern. Comfort, and accuracy should be next.
    As far as stopping power, in an auto start with at least a 9mm. .45 is a true meat eater. .40 is a very nice compromise between stopping power and capacity. In a revolver, I recommend a .357 mag. This caliber is what most of the newer developments in personal defense ammunition are trying to copy. You can also shoot .38 special in the same gun, which is a little more user friendly in the recoil department.
    I hope this helps, and good luck. This forum is a pretty savvy bunch. They will give you alot of opions. Do your research.
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    My best friend lives in Colorado and used to have a CCW.I don't know what all the laws are,but I do remember that he said that they don't allow you to carry an auto with one in the chamber there.Maybe he was just messing with me though.I would 2nd the Ruger LCR.Once it's loaded the only thing one has to know how to do is pull a trigger-a monkey could be proficient with it at close range.
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