extra trigger, hammer & trigger guard??

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    about a year ago i got a great deal on a blued ruger service six, i still have it and carry it daily as my ccw. i bought when funds allowed extra parts, i now have every extra part for the gun except the trigger and hammer. do these ever fail under normal use? reason i'm asking a friend of mine is parting out his gun and he will let me have them both for $30 which includes the trigger guard with pawl and transfer bar. will the trigger guard just fit on mine without gunsmithing? his blued guard is almost 100% good bluing and mine is about 50%. thanks for any help
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    Funny thing is that an item is ALWAYS cheaper as a whole than if bought in parts. If you have a need for every single replacement part for something, you're better off buying another of that item.

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    They can wear out if you run maybe a couple hundred thousand rounds. Its not something i would be concerned on a ruger. Ruger will fix it if it breaks for free and if its not fixable they tend to give you a new gun.

    I dont keep spare parts on my ruger new vaqueros and i use them for cowboy shooting so they see a lot of rounds and get used hard. I also run a uberti 1873 i keep spares for and a cz hammer coach i have a spare gun for. Im not concerned about my ruger revolvers breaking.

    Most revolver parts require hand fiting. I wouldnt use parts from one revolver in another. Only fit new parts in revolvers never used ones. The tolerances from fitting are likely to be different and can cause a very unsafe condition which can lead to a negligent discharge lodging a projectile in an unintended person animal or object.

    Its just not worth the risk of using parts from one gun in another when it comes to fire control mechanisms.
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