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    I'm sure that this subject has been discussed ad nauseam, but most seem to have to do with releasing the slide during a reload. I'm generally a two handed shooter, but can manage one hand fine. However my smaller hands were a problem on my double stack 40 because the grip was so big I didn't feel completely in control.

    OTH, my Springer feels fine, shoots fine and after Cane does his new thread on slide lapping it'll be perfect!

    My thread search here and elsewhere seems to trend toward most considering the extended slide stop a travesty, a solution looking for a problem or the way to ruin a perfect gun.


    I usually release the slide on my 1911 with my left thumb after inserting the fresh mag. That's the way I was taught. The problem for me is locking back the slide when required for inspecting etc. I am about 1/4 inch away from being able to reach it with my right thumb and as there are no serrations on the bottom of the stop I have to rotate my grip by about 45 degrees to get proper position to lock the slide back.

    At the range this is problematic, I can't rotate the gun or I'll point at the guy to my left so what I've been doing is rotating my body to keep the gun pointed downrange. What a pita.

    Sooo, I'm considering an abbreviated (lighter and thinner so the stop still works properly on the last round) extended slide stop (Ok, some call it a slide release) so I can push up in it when racking back.

    Opinions? Other solutions?
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    What kind of springer?

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    keep an empty handy at the range. when cease fire is called drop the full put int the empty rack it then drop the empty. cheap without changing your gun.
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    If this issue is merely a range etiquette/safety issue, then the empty mag seems like it would fit the bill perfectly.

    I know I have a crap mag that has failed one too many times and will never see service again (but I can't bear to throw it out). I should spray paint it or something and let it only serve that purpose.
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    Before and after

    Got a bead blasted extended slide release from Midway. Polished it up and fitted it. All functions including locking open on last round work!
    I think it looks good and best of all, I can lock the slide open without changing my grip! Only difference is the polished stop vs burnished safety, I'll have to figure that one out, maybe polish safety to match?

    Before and after pics.

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