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Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Fuzzyinline, Feb 21, 2011.

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    So i went to this gun shop, and was looking at some new optics... and i ran across Explore Optics... just curious, has anyone ever heard of, or had any experience with these? Ive looked on the website, and it says a lot of good things, but i want others opinions.. the other scope im looking at is a Nikon 4x12x5o.... which im leaning more towards, but, im curious about this explore optics..:confused:
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    I'm always skeptical of new optics! Seems like there are a hundred of them popping up everywhere. And built all over the world! Cool "Yes" Durable ? Quality ? Repair Service ? My thought if I was buying! Between the two choices you mentioned it would be the NIKON Hands Down! I know they make good products and have been in the optics business for years! Of Course I am a Leupold guy mostly. I have a NIKON Coyote Scope on my Savage Predator Rifle. Don't believe I like the Ring Reticle but the quality and the glass are excellent!


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    I've had four Nikon scopes. Three 3-9x40, one was a Team Primos and another was a Monarch 3-9x40 and one was a Pro-Staff. The other one was a Monarch EER for a Scout Rifle project I was working on. but I don't remember the power.

    All of the Nikons were stout and held zero once they were set.

    I've never heard of Explore Optics. That doesn't mean they aren't any good, it just means that I've never heard of them.