experience with Remington 22 subsonic ammo

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by group17, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. group17

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    Anyone have experience with Remington 22LR subsonic hollow point ammo in there semi auto blow back 22?
  2. KingTiger

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    Remington consistently makes the worst .22 LR ammo in the industry. If they go off, the subs are some of the dirtiest of the bunch, not good if you're shooting suppressed. They're also loosely crimped, which causes feeding problems in some guns. Some also don't stay subsonic & give you a high velocity crack.

    CCI or Winchester subsonic HP's cycle the actions of both my 10/22's, CZ Kadet, Buckmark, & Mosquito.

  3. dogwalk

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    Have used CCI sub-sonic (CB Long) in my single shot Savage for some time now and they work nice for pest control here in town. About 700 fps. and minimum noise. Dogwalk
  4. somawas

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    As others have stated, the Remington 22 Subsonic ain't the best sub-sonic ammo, and my experience is that it doesn't cycle well in a Ruger 10/22. My experience with subsonic ammo in a autoloader has been relatively good with CCI Sub-Sonic Hollow Point 40 Grain- CCI (0056) and CCI Varmint Segmented Hollow Point 40 Grain- CCI (0074). Depending upon what you're doing, will depend upon which round you use. If you're shooting pests, as in squirrels, rats, crows or other critters that are ultimately going to the land fill, use the CCI (0074)- these rounds will flat ruin the day of the critter. If you want to limit damage to the shot critter, use the CCI (0056). Again, both rounds will cycle in the Ruger 10/22 with minimal issues and will probably in most of the other auto-loaders.
    I've used all three of the mentioned sub-sonics in all of my bolt actions with no issues.